Writing Challenges

Writing challenges help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and styles.

We’re no longer publishing new writing prompts, but hope you find inspiration in the hundreds already in our archives.


This week, we want you to toy with your readers’ emotions and try your hand at foreshadow.

That’s Absurd

For this week’s writing challenge, add a dash of magic and a touch of surrealism to your writing.

Kill Your Darlings

In this multi-day writing and editing challenge, we’re putting your red pen to the test. Each day, 10% of your post gets the axe.

Build Your Own

In this week’s build-your-own challenge, write a post that includes two key components that we’ve provided for you.

My Dear Watson

Life just isn’t the same without your trusty sidekick. For this week’s writing challenge, tell us about your partner in crime.

Mystery Ending

This weekly writing challenge focuses on the “weekly” part — start your post today, and build on it for the next four before publishing. Who knows where you’ll end up?

Honey versus Vinegar

Small moments of kindness peek through our everyday lives, from your neighbors’ “Good morning!” to a surprise “I’ll take care of that for you” at the office. This week, we want you to explore what that kindness means to you, and share it with others. 


For this week’s writing challenge, shake the dust off something — a clothing item, a post draft, a toy — you haven’t touched in ages, but can’t bring yourself to throw away.