My Funny Valentine?

We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end we’re all storytellers. Writing Challenges help you push your…

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We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end we’re all storytellers. Writing Challenges help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and styles.

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My first date with the person who ended up being my (fortunate?) wife was the day after Valentine’s. We’d thought about getting together for a while, but meeting in the run-up to this organized heart-shaped extravaganza felt at once tacky and stressful. Would we just be auditioning each other for an upcoming candle-lit dinner? Our annual un-Valentine’s has since become an inside joke and a beloved ritual.

What’s your Valentine’s story?

Of all the different holidays on the calendar, St. Valentine’s Day, coming up this Friday, might be the most fraught with conflicting emotions. It feels strange to be explicitly against a day celebrating love and commitment. But it’s hard not to feel self-conscious — if not completely unoriginal — when walking on a sidewalk teeming with other flower- and chocolate-wielding lovers.

What about those of us in unhappy relationships, non-traditional ones, or enjoying a fulfilling, solitary life? The terrain can get rocky, fast. Can one single day encompass the richness and diversity of experience — from the heartwarming to the heartbreaking — that love can produce? Does it even make sense to channel so much emotional energy into 1/365th of the calendar?

In your posts for this challenge, feel free to take the discussion in whatever direction inspires you. You can share your most unabashedly romantic Valentine’s story, or write about why you shun the holiday altogether. You can describe a funny (or touching, or poignant) scene you’ve witnessed on a past Valentine’s, or tell us about an alternative celebration you’re planning this year to mark your most meaningful relationships.

If you’re looking for more specific writing prompts, here are some you might have fun with:

  • You’re an intergalactic visitor who just happened to land on Earth on February 14. Describe the weirdness you’re seeing.
  • Write the Valentine’s card you’ll never have the courage to actually send.
  • Invent your own love-themed holiday: what would it encompass?

Whether or not you’re in the mood for love, we look forward to reading your posts — have fun writing!

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  1. Can’t wait to write my ” Love Story” for the Challenge! So fun for Valentine’s I know tons of people hate but I love it! Mostly because I get to bake goodies and give them to the ones I love.


    1. You’re absolutely welcome to respond to the challenge in the language of your choosing! I should note, though, that the Daily Post community — the posts here, comment threads, etc. — is run in English, so it’s possible most readers won’t be able to enjoy your entry. You can always promote your post in your own, German-speaking network, of course.


      1. I’m not quite familiar with the German side of, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others who’d welcome a German-speaking challenge — maybe you could gather some fellow-bloggers and create your own, grassroots challenge?


      2. Just in case you haven’t tried it, you might want to visit our German-speaking forum — if you don’t find any existing challenges there, it’s the perfect place to float the idea to see if anyone else might be interested.


    1. Challenges are up for a week — so this one is live until next Monday; of course, nothing stops you from writing a post based on a challenge any time you see fit — we encourage everyone to look at the challenge archive for inspiration in case you need an extra idea.

      That said, since Valentine’s is this Friday, I suspect that for this challenge, many will chime in by the end of the week. But again, this is entirely your call!


  2. Valentine’s day is not that popular where I come from.After moving to North America I’ve understood how much popular it is. I have taught kids in a school, I got to know how much they love this day.I love this day when I see how valuable love and affection are. One can wish a friend a spouse parents grandparents. To me it doesn’t mean lovers only.


  3. i was in the second grade in the philippines when i came of age as far as valentine is concerned, thanks to a classmate who sat in the front row of our class. she was really cute, especially when she came to school in a white dress and a flower on her shoulder-length hair.

    i thought of giving her a valentine card that year. but when i asked my mother for money, she refused. she said i was too young to be thinking of such things. it was a lesson learned. it was an instance when honesty didn’t pay. i would have had better luck if i said it was for ice cream instead.


  4. Looks like we are all joining in this challenges for this bright red romantic day. Its simple actually, we love, we do & if not, we don’t. How we do this is what sets us apart. It doesn’t mean that we have to be all dewy eyed and tender hearts to enjoy it, but, lets just be.


    1. The challenge calls for a post written specifically for the challenge, and we encourage you to write with the challenge in mind. That said, if you’ve recently written something that’s really pertinent for this week’s topic, you can share that, too.


      1. I’m so new to this how do I do that? And can I do it from my iPhone app or do I need a computer? Thanks on the highway right now. No I’m not driving lol. Thanks again Tara and Dawson


    1. I really encourage you to link back to your post or to create a pingback to the challenge in your post so that readers can easily visit your entry.


  5. My Valentine story simply put is the dedication I witnessed as a child into my adult life that set the stage for the love my life. My parents undying love from alter to death, my husband’s parents the same and their example lives on in our 34 year love affiar from highschool through today. Not just true love, but real love that knows there are boundaries and understands and respects another’s viewpoint. That’s LOVE.


    1. It’s fine if it’s on topic! I’d recommend, though, adding a pingback just to the first of your posts, and then link to other related posts within your own blog — that way you won’t sending multiple pingbacks to the same post here.


  6. My first date with the man who became my husband was to a valentine banquet at our church. The church I grew up in and he recently began atttending. They had each couple sit on a white wrought-iron bench and took our picture. That was 54 years ago. My valentine is in heaven now, but I still have the picture and the memory to treasure.


  7. My posts will be poems of love lost, love unrequited, and the hopes and promises of a new love, that which will set your hearts aflutter, and more.
    I hope you enjoy reading my work. More importantly you relate to it, and relive some cherished memories, and never doubt the eternal magic of love.

    You can read my entries related to the challenge here

    Cheers. And let there be love. Lots of it. :)


  8. I appreciate all the people who have gone and read my post after my previous comments so thanks for that :) but if some other people can head over to my blog with some advice on how to make it better that would be great.. I’m imaginative and believe in the stories when they are in my head but my writing ability lets down the story I think.. Any advice on improvement would be greatly appreciated so I can make my next post better :)


  9. Hello,
    This was a darling story and Id be happy to share mine. I do not really understand a whole lot about this comp and this blogging and how to link and such. Maybe you might be interested in helping me?
    I am pushing every day to keep my stories going and I have many more inside this brain I carry with me.
    you are welcome to email me.
    Thank you for you time and for sharing your story.
    Robin~ a simple bird


  10. Nice take on Valentines day, romance and love and kissy-face feasting, Romans celebrated valentines day by sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals guess it was BDSM whipping fetish and like minded women would actually line up for the men to hit them with dog hides.


  11. Hi! This is a little different take on the traditional Valentines day. It’s called:

    “No Valentine? – It’s Still All Good”

    After all, not everyone has a valentine so it can be a lonely and depressing time for many. Therefore… I have written an engaging post on how to give and where to find love elsewhere – it’s a cheery post :)

    Hope you enjoy it! Wishing you all a great week ahead :)

    ~ Victoria


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