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  1. I definitely enjoy the start of the Spring here in the UK. That’s when the flowers start to bloom, the leaves come onto the trees and the birds begin to sing. If you get a cool but sunny spring day there is nowhere better!


  2. Winter=Discontent
    Take me to the Southern Hemisphere next year. Drown me in humidity and warm breezes. Let me never again have to worry about the price of heating oil, drafty windows, and bad insulation. Let me toss off my down coat, my heavy boots, my mittens. Give me long days followed by evenings cacophonous with sound of frogs and crickets, bright with fireflies. Let winter go somewhere else and leave me bathed in light coat of comforting sweat.


  3. I enjoy the sun, whether that be in the spring or summer. We don’t get that much of it here, so when it does come I’m out in it. Unlike today which is cold and now wet! X


  4. Each season has it’s highlights. Winter is crisp and white, beautiful when the snowfalls and chill brings on a sense of humanity when walking through a forest or ice fishing.

    Spring is organic and natural on it’s own. Wonderful colours and renewal of life, it’s a true example of the cyclic nature of life on earth.

    Summer is the peak of life! Where social gatherings are many and food is eaten outside.

    Autumn for me is very special. The death of spring exposes it’s colours in a different sense. The reds, oranges, yellows and browns are the most beautiful combination when hiking and looking up at the canopy. (Also, crunching leaves is extra fun).


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