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  1. Cannot say I cherish this one. Dysgraphia. I love to write, but this imperfection, a learning disability that plays havoc with spelling, punctuation, and because some words do not make it to the page causes confusion, Makes writing for publication very difficult. That said, I do thank Dysgraphia for a few things, but mostly because I had to constantly question things. I became a critical thinking, and in time also came to appreciate what really matters in our world and our lives.


  2. My son has a scar on his belly, a very large scar left after he had reparative surgeries for ulcerative colitis when he was a boy. Initially they made me cry. Now they remind me of his strength, of his ability to face even the most dire of circumstances to come out stronger in the end.


  3. This invitation reminds me of wisdom from William Stafford, the poet from Oregon, who taught that if you were stuck in your writing, to “lower your standards” and keep going. As a pacifist, he also thought that this might work in peace work: lower your standard (as in flag) and extend a hand in friendship instead…..

    My own imperfections are myriad, but mostly tend now at the age of 69 to be around fatigue and not having very much energy in a given day, needing to rest often. I see my goals extending further and further into the uncertain future!


  4. Growing up, people always told me that if I sat by myself too often, I’d be sad all my life. They always made the impression that that was my biggest imperfection. Some say maybe it still is, but I cherish my solitude in being alone for it is the richness of self.


      1. Nothing wrong to be by yourself, everyone likes time away from the world. Take time alone to recharge batteries, read a good book, paint, pray, watch tv, do what you wish. We all live in a stressful time, war, crime, money, children, taking time alone can help you get your head around your world. You do what you want only you know what is best for you. Good luck and take care.=)


      2. I think it’s a shame that so many people never are alone, never are in silence, never have time to relax and let their thoughts wander. I find these things very refreshing.



      3. I quite agree, we have a beautiful Cathedral near me and its so quiet that the silence hurts my ears, I could sit all day and hear or see no one. I love it πŸ˜€


      4. I stopped attending church years ago because of the Sunday Christians, the politics, infighting and the members who don’t understand that by being the way they are, the are closing churches. The first time I attendd the church my family and I sat in a pew and quickly followed by an old lady who told us to move as that was her pew and 3 generations of her family had sat there. That is sad about certain churches.


  5. Do you know I have read some of your imperfections and the writings are god. But I think WordPress have gone a bit far, are you looking for imperfections within yourself just so you writ about? So what if you have a problem, are you botherd about it as you may have mentioned it before, I have so called Dysgraphia, but its not a problem to me, I have the same sort of problem but with numbers. I have many other problems with me or the way I have to live my life. Its who I am, I don’t have imperfections, I am just me, I am not perfect no one is, so if no one is perfect then no one has imperfections. You are just who you are and WordPress should not try to imply that we have imperfections…..Yes? No?


  6. I have a friend, a fantastic writer, whose illness has affected his spelling. If he emails me in the morning, his spelling is perfect. If in the evening, his message has all sorts of permutations in the spelling. It is like getting emails from someone in the far-away past, when spelling was more fluid and individual. E.g., Shakespeare spelled his own surname in different ways. In a world growing increasingly uniform, I love this kind of individuality.


  7. My small toe on my left foot rides on top the toe next to it. I cherish this imperfection because
    I broke it during a gymnastics competition. I just got off the balance beam after a GREAT run, and tripped over the leg of the beam! How clumsy it THAT? LOL! It was a great competition. My gymnastics days are over, but I love the memory and the story behind the broken, unfixed toe.


  8. I guess there’s no such thing in the world as ‘perfection’! So, I cherish everything in life, good or bad. The most important thing is, how we learn from and grow with it!


  9. Two of my young cats were born to a feral mom. When they were first caught and taken to a clinic, their left ear was tipped. It used to bother me, but now I see it as a reminder that they will live much longer, healthier lives than they might have been destined to live.


  10. This is tough.. can’t cherish imperfections.. despise them, get rid of them.. but I guess what makes us better are “imperfections” that people think we have which we convert to strengths..


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