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  1. Ooh, that’s a fun one! A word of caution though – people do need to take the usual care over image copyright if they’re planning on including that 11th image in their post! Some people have the impression that Google images is some kind of source of pictures that are fine to use, but it is of course only a portal to access images across the web, that may or may not be restricted. Just sayin’ ;)


  2. How does one pick a random word without being bias? I tried keying random word into my search bar and up came a list of random word generators. My random word is Teenage. That was easy.

    Note: I don’t use Google.


    1. Nice topic. Crocodiles. Though the ones pictured look sleeker somehow. Shorter snout. Lighter body and scaling. You should catch sight of the African ones. You’d run to hide and cry mummy. My mind blanks with that trauma. Now these are dinosaurs. And they are next door. I need my blanket…


  3. My word is “Nuisance”Nuisance Call cartoon 3 – search ID grin165
    check it out, it is very funny, and it reminds me of two people that I feel sit around and do this for a living. They have nothing better to do with their time, than to be an absolute nusiance, they write nusiance letters that do not make sense, and they are getting paid by the government to do exactly what this picture demonstrates. It must be nice!


  4. holy cow. so I googled “struggles” just because…I don’t know, it kind of fit and the eleventh one took me to a website talking about human trafficking. It was crazy because I’m actually flying out to California tomorrow to attend a global conference on ending human trafficking. whoa. God is good.


  5. The image I researched was bird.
    The eleventh picture was labeled BIRD—BROWN—KURE—BEACH1 . It led me to a post that gave me more information than I needed to know:
    The crop is the special pouch-like enlargement of the gullet of most birds in which food undergoes partial preparation for digestion.
    This problem is usually found among greedy feeders. The distended crop may be seen and felt under the skin.
    • Give 2 drops of paraffin oil orally.
    • Massage the crop gently to assist in movement of the impacted mass.2


  6. Reblogged this on Sorry for not bringing snacks and commented:
    i think i might do this. honestly: fiction writing will never be a literary skill or interest to me, until that stick up my ass was removed during my rib surgery. from that rage tree that grew over a decade and when i reached the top, the tree spoke.
    alright man. you just said some crazy shit.
    group laughter, an awkward laugh.
    yes, i did. oh, sorry, that was my geniuses just offering breakfast.


  7. This childish advice demonstrates a blogging philosophy that is fundamentally wrong, and an insult to readers. In essence, it represents the idea that a blog must be filled at any cost, even at moments when in fact you have nothing to say. The idea that any superficial, arbitrary “screen filler” is better than nothing. The idea that a blog is about standing on a market square screaming at the top of your voice: from the misconception that it’s only the sound of screaming itself that matters, not the actual words.
    Do you really think your readers won’t notice if in fact you have little to say? That they won’t see that you searched for some artificial content, just as a screen filler?
    All good blogging revolves around bringing a focused message. A real message: meaning a message that is useful or relevant to your readers. At moments when you don’t have such a message, it’s much better (and more honest) to skip a few posts, than to post about the 11th image in a random Google search.
    Blogging really is not about quantity. It’s much more about quality. About real focus and commitment. And you know what? That’s something your readers will recognize. They will value it far more than you wasting their time with this kind of silly screen fillers.


  8. I picked the word prophecies and the eleventh picture was of Jesus with five children hugging him, praying to him, and appearing to want his help and consolation. They are wonderfully happy to see him. There is so much love in this picture and this is the main focus, that even adults can be his children when we are humble as these children. I get a strong feeling about this image and it speaks of love. I feel the love he has for many. Jesus was said to tell the apostles to let the little children come to him because the kingdom of God belongs to them. This image also illustrates Jesus as a compassionate and wise teacher who is able to instruct the weak. There are no learned scholars in this picture only the humble children who are not corrupt. The background illustrates one of the mothers who is taking her child to see Jesus. This means that we should take our concerns to Jesus and show we love him because we listen to his word. He gives us love back and unconditionally. Great picture and I am lucky to find it.


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