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      1. I am very new to this blogsite, and not very good at technology, but I’ll dip into your blog as soon as I can locate it! Have you been a blogger for long? Alienora


      2. We all have our “first times”! Thank you. It’s @ for convenient usage. :)
        I’ve been a blogger for not more than a year in fact! I’m a student still :)


    1. Wow, Alienora, wonderful story! Love your deft transition from Q and R:
      “Quarrelling amongst these animals is a hierarchical matter, to see who is Top Dog. Really, we, with our Royalty and aristocracy, Heads of this and Presidents of that, should understand such behaviour!” — to S and T:
      “So, back to the early line of light, poured into the day’s mould, and our solitary barker, saluting the world. Tethered and tamed he may be, but his instincts, sharp as puppy teeth, get to the bone’s marrow.”


      1. I absolutely loved your comment, Mary Ann; it made me break out in a happy smile. Thank you very much. Alienora


      1. Hi: you can click on the link to read mine, if you want – then write your own, add Daily Prompt to your tags and copy the link up here…I think! I have only been on here for five days so I may not have got the hang of it yet. Good luck! Alienora


      1. Thank you! The biggest trouble I had with this poem was trying to find a word that started with an X. Hunger was my inspiration for the letter Z, heeheehee :)


      2. A great boon all round, this one: fun, educational and, for me, a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends. Thanks! Alienora


  1. Reblogged this on Taylor's Journey and commented:
    A lot of “me” is hidden under an invisible veil
    But often times the truth prevails
    Chaos sometimes quiets the storm
    Danger often precedes the harm
    Enigmatic to those who really know me
    Fragile only to those who live below me
    Giving gifts I have yet to receive
    Hope for the day my presents are retrieved
    Illusions of love swarm inside my limbs (but)
    Jealousy often attacks my skin
    Kind-hearted some times to a fault
    Locked inside the chamber of a keyless vault
    Manifest destiny seems to be a facade
    Notable dreams fade like a mirage
    Only time will tell if the future illuminates (and if)
    Persistent pleasures continue to invigorate
    Quantity or Quality are questions to answer
    Resilience and resistance will be my cancer
    Substantiating the reality I know is mine
    Teaching myself the quality of wine
    Understanding I get better as the years pass
    Validated by “Him” if not by the mass
    Wonderfully made and not a mistake
    Xylene properties are simply a cape
    Yours truly has many characteristics
    Zipped up until the One unzips it


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