Ebook: 365 Writing Prompts

A bit of writing inspiration for every day of the year

Do you need a gentle nudge to help make writing a habit? Looking for an idea on how to get started or a way to warm-up to your writing projects? We’ve got you covered. Download 365 Days of Writing Prompts and you’ve got an entire year of writing inspiration at your fingertips.

365 Invitations à Écrire

.pdf | .mobi | .epub

365 Apuntes Diarios Para Escribir

.pdf | .mobi | .epub

365 Hari Tuntunan Menulis

.pdf | .mobi | .epub

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I have been frustrated not being able to plan ahead a bit. Now I can. Hip horrah. Question will the Daily prompts continue and be synced with the ebook? Just curious.


  2. I want to put this on my kindle app but it does not work when I press the Kindle button. Please help as I would love to have these prompts as a quick reference when I am looking for inspiration.


  3. Great news for the newcomers like myself. I am enjoying this great info SO so much. Thanks to making my dreams of blogging come true. 2014 is my year to drop my 3 writing projects and I will be sharing them on WordPress 1st.


  4. This is a great idea! Perhaps (if you haven’t already) you guys could make another ebook at some point for the photographer’s out there who would love to take a photo a day! I love the inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing! 😀