Make the Most of Prompts and Challenges

Looking for writing inspiration? Trying to make blogging a more regular habit? The Daily Post is here to help. Daily prompts and photo challenges can get you through patches of bloggers’ block.

Daily Prompts

To participate in Daily Prompts, simply publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt.

Comments are always closed on prompts, but pingbacks are enabled. If you link to the prompt in your post, your post will appear in the list of responses on The Daily Post.

If you’re not sure how to build a post around a writing prompt, take a look at our tips for making prompts personal.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re invited to get involved in our Weekly Photo Challenge to help you meet your blogging goals. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography.

Each Wednesday, we’ll provide a theme for creative inspiration. You take photographs based on your interpretation of the theme, and post them on your blog anytime before the following Wednesday. If you link to the challenge in your post, your post will appear in the list of responses on The Daily Post. Participants use different tags for their challenge entries, like dpchallenge, WPC, photo challenge, weekly photo challenge, photography, and postaday, which we explain more about below. Feel free to use any tags you’d like.

Discover Challenge

Discover Challenges draw upon the stories and ideas that have inspired us — from interviews with prominent bloggers to personal essays and breathtaking illustration and photography — all published on Discover, our showcase for the best content on WordPress.

To participate, check out any challenge and publish a post on your own blog inspired by it. Since the sources of inspiration are going to be eclectic, your responses can be in any genre, medium, or format you feel like. A poem or a photo, a webcomic or a longform essay, a video clip or an original song — we welcome your contributions in whatever shape or form they take.


Those of you who have personal goals like posting every day or every week are invited to take part in our ongoing Postaday project to stay motivated and focused.

To participate in the challenge, tag your post with postaday or postaweek and follow The Daily Post so all our great resources go straight to your inbox. Don’t forget to snag a badge for your blog so everyone knows you’re a Post A Day blogger, and be sure to follow the postaday topic in the Reader to see what all your fellow bloggers are up to!

Here are official (retina-ready) Post a Day and Post a Week badges to show off on your blog. Copy the code for the badge of your choice into a text widget on your blog.


<a href=""><img alt="I'm part of Post A Day 2017" src="" width="274" height="62" /></a>


<a href=""><img alt="I'm part of Post A Day 2016" src="" width="194" height="60" /></a>


<a href=""><img alt="I'm part of Post A Day 2016" src="" width="154" height="30" /></a>;


<a href=""><img alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2016" src="" width="274" height="62" /></a>


<a href=""><img alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2016" src="" width="194" height="60" /></a>


<a href=""><img alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2016" src="" width="154" height="30" /></a>

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