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For those of you who have personal goals like posting every day or every week, The Daily Post is here to help. Daily prompts and challenges can get you through patches of bloggers’ block, and tips on creating a vibrant a community and using more effectively keep you motivated and focused.

To participate in the challenge, tag your post with postaday or postaweek and sign up to follow The Daily Post so all our great resources go straight to your inbox. Don’t forget to snag a badge for your blog so everyone knows you’re a Post A Day blogger, and be sure to follow the postaday topic in the Reader to see what all your fellow bloggers are up to!

If you need a boost getting inspired, try using our daily prompts. Note that comments are always closed on daily prompts, to encourage you to post on your own blogs rather than simply leaving a comment with your response. Pingbacks are enabled, though, so if you link to the prompt post on your blog, your link will appear on the list.

Here are official (retina-ready) Post A Day and Post A Week badges to show off on your blog:

<img alt="I'm part of Post A Day 2015" src="" width="388" height="120" />

<img alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2015" src="" width="388" height="120" />

<img alt="I'm part of Post A Day 2015" src="" width="308" height="60" />

<img alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2015" src="" width="308" height="60" />

<img alt="I'm part of Post A Day 2015" src="" width="548" height="124" />

<img alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2015" src="" width="548" height="124" />

Find image widget instructions here. Make sure to have the image link to, so that others can learn about the challenge, too.

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  1. Read about Hurricane induced anxiety everyday for the next week – each post has a tool to help lower anxiety now. WordPress makes this possible with everyday blogging so I can see patients and millions of readers can benefit from Adaptive Behavioral Therapy.


    1. Hello dear, am a patient of anxiety, I think I really need to read ur blogs regarding anxiety every day so that I can feel better, post me every day…



  2. Hi Bloggers, I need help and can’t seem to figure it out on my own. I am new at blogging and wordpress and can’t seem to figure out why my posts aren’t being uploaded and saved to my blog? I am using the “Post an Image” option and I go to publish post and it does nothing. What am I doing wrong? Please help!?!? Thanks in advance…


    1. I’m still learning myself but a couple of things that took me a while to learn is first, how big are your images? if you re-size to 640 pixels on the longest side and you should be able to do this with your photo editing software.
      I realize this may sound daft but when you create a post click the visual tab, place the cursor where you want the picture to be, then select the image from insert media and hopefully it should work – good luck.
      Also did you realize on the about page you still have the default text – it made me smile, to be fair it takes a few weeks to get used to everything but I’ve since learn’t that you can create pages for general information such as contact information, pricing and business policy etc and you can also add links from pages to blog articles for example if you were to create a page on different special decorative effects that you do.


    1. Carolyn, try copying this whole line:

      Go to your ‘widgets’ area and depending on your theme, I think, and see if you see an ‘image’ widget. Click and drag that over to your sidebar and open it up. You will see an ‘image URL’ box. Paste the above line there, and then fill in the title of your widget, and at the bottom where it reads: Link URL you might want to post the following link:

      I hope that helps!