Guest host Lignum Draco asks us to experiment with something unusual.

Photo by Lignum Draco. All rights reserved.

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I’m a street photographer based in Sydney, Australia. In my spare time I like to wander around and photograph people. Mostly up close, capturing that fleeting instance of people’s lives that they may not even be aware of. A moment that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Last year I spent some time travelling around the northwest region of Cambodia, and inevitably this meant visiting the temple city of Angkor Wat. Toward the end of the day, I decided to do the near-vertical ladder climb to the highest level of the central temple complex.

When visiting Cambodia one expects to see temples, tourists, and monks. I didn’t expect an unusual sight: monks being tourists, armed with digital SLR cameras. I had to take a photo before they dispersed.

Photo by Lignum Draco. All rights reserved.

In the fading afternoon light, their orange robes added a certain vibrancy to their surroundings. To highlight this, I chose to process this photo with selective colorization — an unusual technique for me.

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, please post a photo that is unusual in some way for you, whether it be through technique, by subject, or in some other unique way. This theme is wide open to interpretation because only you know what is unusual to you.

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  1. I love the writer’s sense of freedom and the desire to capture moments, so precious, not recorded anywhere. Great job indeed! Kudos!


  2. Really enjoyed your photos of Cambodia. In certain ways it reminds me a lot of Nepal where I write/photograph. The visual relationship between people and environment is so stirring in this part of the world. Keep up the great work.


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