Early last April, I spent a long weekend in Boston wandering the Freedom Trail and eating clam chowder (although not…

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Single Bloom

Early last April, I spent a long weekend in Boston wandering the Freedom Trail and eating clam chowder (although not at the same time). One morning, as I was strolling through the Public Gardens in Boston Common, I stopped in front of this remarkable tulip. Not only was it the lone red specimen in a planting full of yellow flowers, but it was the only open bloom in a sea of still-sprouting buds. It was so unexpected that I had to immortalize it in photo; to me, it told a story of not being afraid to be unique, to stand out, to embrace difference.

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says UNIQUE to you.

michelle-weberMaybe the image itself shows something distinct from its surroundings, or maybe it’s a unique take on a common subject. Maybe it’s a unique person in your life, or a treasured heirloom that’s irreplaceable. I’m excited to see what “unique” means to you!

– Michelle


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  1. Sara,
    The post I worked on all week to meet the Photo Challenge guidelines unfortunately did not show up in the reader. This has happened before and it was due to categories and tags numbering over 15. I had a total of 7 categories and tags. It was so disappointed and am not sure what happened.Can you direct me as to how to get help with this? My only option last time was to re-post but I’m hesitant as the same thing may happen.
    Thanks for any help with this! Again, I promise to meet all the guidelines from here on out! :-)
    Alexandria Sage


      1. Michele, (sorry I called you Sara–I’m so used to her.) I don’t know what happened but it showed up in the reader several hours later. It’s there now! Thanks for anything you did!


  2. I am glad I have found this side of WordPress I never knew existed, I like it, even though I have used WordPress for nearly 2 years. Can I just ask what are the rules about using images that are copyright to others?


    1. If someone else holds the copyright, you’d need to get their permission and then credit them appropriately. However, there are lots of images available with Creative Commons licenses that you can use for non-commercial purposes.


  3. Darn it … post/link not showing up in the Trackbacks & Pingbacks list despite including a link back to this page. No big deal, just wondering if there is something I need to tweak/adjust (it’s always shown up in the past). Any tips?


  4. Hi Michelle, unique theme, and nice photograph to go with it. This time it was difficult for me, I don’t know whether these photographs are unique or not, here is my link-


  5. Bien sûr, dit le renard. Tu n’es encore pour moi qu’un petit garçon tout semblable à cent mille petits garçons. Et je n’ai pas besoin de toi. Et tu n’as pas besoin de moi non plus. Je ne suis pour toi qu’un renard semblable à cent mille renards. Mais, si tu m’apprivoises, nous aurons besoin l’un de l’autre. Tu seras pour moi unique au monde. Je serai pour toi unique au monde…

    Her is a picture of a small orange shoe.


  6. Michelle, you may wish to clarify or change the second point of the “how it works”. I mean you do not even yourself use those tags! :-) And postday does not seem to match with this weekly photo challenge?


  7. I have a question, why is that people are leaving pingbacks to their sites and not bothering to post any comments on mine. That’s hardly playing fair now. One person who left a pingback, I took a look and they had over 200 pingbacks on their site. I don’t mind a pingback if they are going to comment but just leaving a pingback very lazy!!


      1. What I have just read – The selfish among us are using the pingback system to help promote their sites in the hoping that they rise up the search engines even though their sites maybe not worth the bothering with or promoting products that are not worth the money being asked for. I do suggest that we take a look at the person wishing to place a ping back on our sites first to see if its what you would like being associated with or they have not left a comment in return for the pingback.
        You can find all about Pingbacks here :-)


      2. oh thanks I will look. Thankfully I’m not getting too many but now I can see on other sites it’s a real problem. There was one poor blogger who had but one like and six pingbacks. If I see them now I won’t go to their post.


      3. A pingback is a type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post where pingbacks are enabled… go to this link to learn more: ://


      1. Sometimes I believe that what they ‘write’ is stolen from somewhere on the net and then slap a pingback on and then when they are high enough on a search engine they can start then pushing their sometimes illegal products. I do have a spam catcher so that helps and I also have anyone adding to my posts they go into a sandbox first until I have moderated them. So they are wasting their time.


    1. I think you don’t quite understand pingbacks. Yes, they can be misused, or rather used with different motivations. But there is no way for me to “place” a pingback on your blog without linking to it from my blog. Speaking for myself, I do that if I like your blog and want readers of my blog to go to your blog. If I write, for example, “Mysoresoul’s post is great—check it out!” with a link to your blog, you will get a pingback. You may of course not want me to highlight your blog in this way… And you can choose not to approve individual pingbacks or to disallow all pingbacks on your blog. So it’s totally under your control.


      1. I do understand and I know I have to approve them, what annoys me is that if they can bother setting up a pingback they can write a wee comment, its not hard and I would also go as much as being polite. I don’t want 200 people wishing to be allowed to leave a pingback and out of those 200 I get one comment. I am not going to approve a pingback if people cannot leave a comment, What does it take ‘Nice blog, nice ideas, I am going to pass it to others’ I have a gallery on another site of mine and its inundated with people spamming it with adverts so I have to moderate it, it is the same here pingbacks by the bucket load and no comments. If you cannot comment don’t expect to be allowed a pingback I am not playing that game. Its that simple!



    I love this week’s theme of unique! For this challenge I chose an image from a recent hiking excursion in the isolated beauty of El Cocuy National Park in Colombia! At about an elevation of 12,000 feet very unique, strange looking plants called Frailejones grow out of the ground like some sort of weird, martian dandelion up to heights around 3 meters! With the stunning backdrops of snow capped mountains being hugged by beautiful clouds and blue bird skies, it was one of the most unique visuals I have ever witnessed. Hope you enjoy! All comments are welcome!


      1. Dear Mabel,
        I don’t have a like button but I ‘m glad to read your reaction here. The English translation of the dutch words is also written underneath the picture.

        Kind regards from Dauw