There are myriad ways to capture Transformation. How will you interpret this theme?

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“Loss is nothing else but change, and change is nature’s delight.” — Marcus Aurelius

Nature is notoriously inconstant. Seasonal change is, on the surface, marked by loss: the fall of spent flower blossoms in summer, the loss of leaves from trees in autumn, the final snowmelt in spring. But all of these changes mark a transformation. Flowers wither after pollination, when seed production begins. Plants shed leaves in autumn to conserve energy throughout winter. Snowmelt replenishes groundwater that will sustain new plant growth in spring.

I took this photo with my phone after one of our first frosts here in the Midwestern United States. A colorful fall leaf had been frozen into the water atop the table on my back porch, a lovely intersection of seasons, an embodiment of nature’s transformation.

This week, share a photo that embodies transformation. As always, I’m eager to see through your lens.

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