A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time,…

Photo by Krista Stevens

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Photo by Krista Stevens

Photo by Krista Stevens

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.

While exploring Granada, Spain, I met up with this friendly little fellow every day during my runs. Thin, filthy, and matted, he was clearly homeless. I captured his portrait in a quiet moment as the sun rose over The Alhambra, and hoped that soon, my little perro pequeńo would find a forever home and step over the threshold of a new beginning; to ever-full bowls of food and clean water; to a fireside by which to snooze on cold Spanish nights.

photo (27)In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that captures the threshold — that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning. It could be a door about to open, or something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom. Looking forward to seeing how you capture “threshold.”

— Krista

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    1. Is anyone else having trouble getting their pingback to appear on the list at the bottom of this page? Mine doesn’t appear and the same thing happened last week. I’ve redone the link twice but it’s still not appearing.


  1. By the time you reach my age you know that every day is a new beginning because we cannot erase the past nor predict the future so, like the little dog, we each stand at the door of life to learn what happens next. It is the tidal flow of living


  2. At the Rockingham Hotel in Portsmouth, N. H., two iconic lions have protected the front entrances since before I was a child. Each time I visit town I have my picture taken with these lions that mark the entry into what was once a hotel and now is condos. Pictures are posted at and


    1. Thank you: WordPress thresholders and likers: vladimirbrezina, orascome, moorekrystal, graphicrealestate, retiredinnicaragua, annalouise777, beccagivens, lagottocattleya, jdkittlesphotography, jampang, Cee Neuner, mylifeinfocusblog, Amy Pinkrose, rdrevilo, mithriluna, mildfordstreet, mcwilliamphotography, and in the other blog, not yet mentioned: connieemeraldeyes, chrisadonner, overwhelmedbyjoy, sustainabilitea, gnatseyeview, notesoflightphotography, Henrietta Choplin, tzamion … the post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold — Mommy posing at the threshold of the “Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert,” in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs area, California – and poised at the doorway of her own new discoveries in America, can still be viewed at:
      Happy weekend, everyone!


  3. i chanced upon this opening leading to the sea while hiking in vernazza, a little fishing village in northwestern italy. i thought it would be an appropriate picture for this week’s challenge.

    don’t we always find ourselves on the threshold of something? well, it’s because nothing in life stands still. it’s a never-ending cycle of good and bad. much to our regret, the good doesn’t last. but, if there’s any consolation, the bad doesn’t last as well.

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  4. Have not decided how to respond to this challenge yet, but will make sure my camera is out with me in the next few days waiting for inspiration! Is that the little fellow with a new leash on life in the second photo?! Such a wistful threshold shot.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. My last entry under threshold

    April-May is the peak summer time in India. During the last week I photographed two cats in our backyard. Both were really tired, and spotted them at the shades of trees with wet sand. They were really trying to cool off. Because of urbanization, these cats do not even get water to drink during this summer. The temperature is going up year by year, and I do not know till when these cats can hold on…When will they reach the threshold…


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