Thankful. In the United States, yesterday was Thanksgiving, a holiday where people spend time with family and friends and remember…

Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

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Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

Thankful. In the United States, yesterday was Thanksgiving, a holiday where people spend time with family and friends and remember the things they’re thankful for.

I think the idea of being thankful and reflecting back on good things in your life is something that naturally happens towards the end of a calendar year. This year, I’m really thankful for my good health, which affects everything and everyone else in my life! These legs and feet take me everywhere I need to go! 

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I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

– Sara Rosso


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  1. I have heard that thankfulness is actually good for your health. Who knew!
    And what a fantastic – and difficult – topic this week. Thanks Sara! It would be possible to post hundreds and hundreds of images of family, friends, milestone celebrations and every beautiful moment ever clicked. There are just so many reasons to be thankful. However, here’s a small moment which evokes gratefulness, too. Enjoy!


  2. What am I most thankful for? Right now, tropical breezes, palm trees and pina coladas. Lots and lots of pina coladas.


    1. @mayfielder – Make sure you post the link to the exact blog post URL so people can find it later, and as your new content shows up on the front page of your site!


  3. Sara, I can SO relate to your thankful photo of feet and legs. Four years ago I had mine knocked out from under me, so to speak, in a hiking fall. One surgery, a titanium rod and ten titanium pins later (to hold my ankle and fibula together again), and I couldn’t walk for six months. Then it took another six months for my body to relearn walking and do it somewhat normally. I will never take my feet and legs for granted again. That is what I’m most thankful for, too.


  4. I’d be interested in knowing why my blog doesn’t come up on the pingback list given that I have
    a) title it weekly photo challenge
    b) tagged it postaday
    c) liked back.
    Any advice would be welcome, thanks.


  5. Would like to participate in the Photo challenge, but when I tried to submit a photo, there were no instructions on where to send the entry. A an email query from me, was not answered.


  6. I took a rather unconventional approach to this one. Wasn’t my intent originally, but it did make me ponder those things that I am thankful for and realize that there isn’t any *thing* that I am thankful for, but lots of people and emotions and facets of life that I am filled with gratitude for.


  7. a bit late into the challenge, but here’s my contribution… Things that make me happy, and for which I’m very thankful… Also, linking to a previous photo post, named ‘my circles of happiness’…definitely, things that keep me going, and offer endless possibilities of joy! I’m thankful for all that!


  8. My last contribution to be thankful for. A digital collaged portrait of my daughter Lady. This has been a great challenge. I have featured my daughter and grandkids. With all my love.


  9. Reblogged this on miriam0329 and commented:
    Siempre llegara a nuestras vidas circunstancias difíciles a los cuales no le encontraremos razón de ser, pero detrás de ellas esta Dios , dándole sentido a tu vida, no desmayes, animo!!


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