Surprise. There was talk of some sort of apocalypse today, but so far, so good. Big surprise! In honor of the…

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Surprise. There was talk of some sort of apocalypse today, but so far, so good. Big surprise! In honor of the world continuing, show me some surprises! If you’re at a loss what to share, I bet many of you have surprises hidden under a tree or in a closet somewhere. My photo is about the first big snowfall which surprised us overnight here in Italy. I woke up to a world covered in white and these were my first steps into the snow.

Share a picture which means SURPRISE to you!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

– Sara Rosso


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  1. Is snow in your part of Italy as rare as snow in North Central Texas? If so, that is a surprise and wonder. Hope it “sticks” around for you. :-) Happy Holidays to all the challengers.


    1. Every snowfall is a surprise to me, especially since I didn’t grow up with regular snowfalls. Snowfall in big cities always feels like more of a surprise than in the countryside :)


  2. Ah yes, the snow – you are always in for surprises with that kind of weather. Beautiful ones as far as I am concerned, because you see things that are different …


      1. Sorry, Sara, I just posted it a couple of minutes ago – it certainly has a wrong date. That’s happened before, and I do not like it. I will try to fix this … bugger!


      2. Sara, I still think my link got deleted because of a bug concerning the date: I edited and published the post yesterday. When it went online it switched to Dec 16. I’ve had that happening before, it lead to some disarray concerning the chronology of my posts.

        But I never thought it a big deal because I could fix it in time.

        Now I wonder: How and when will those following my blog see the page? How can I avoid this kind of confusion in the future?

        As for the rules for this photo challenge: Did you mind me naming the post after an older photo challenge? I did it because I was looking for some continuity within my blog … and hoped that nobody would mind.

        I have to take my pictures from an archive: I work with film – there is often more than a week between the initial click and a visible picture. If working with archived material is wrong in that sense – well, then I bid this challenge farewell.

        It is fun, though – and the themes are inspiring. Thanks for that. Cheers, Tobias


  3. Sara:

    There is a problem with this “Weekly Surprise Photo” process: such photos would be _utterly_ inappropriate to post on my blogs, as I write about dark politics and shattered lives.

    Is there a way we could upload our photos to YOUR blog?

    Just saying, is all.

    Will T.


    1. @Will – maybe the surprise is you upload something completely out of character on your blog? Relating to optimism and functional lives? :)

      We understand that not everyone will participate every week, but the idea is to respond on your site and share with your readers (and visitors)! Keep thinking of something!


      1. Naaa.

        What’s humorous about war crimes, crimes against humanity and brain injury? It would insult my readers, and be in really bad taste, sorry.


  4. I changed the post. WordPress says:“… talk of some sort of apocalypse today, but so far, so good. Big surprise! In honor of the world continuing, show me some surprises”. Here it is, Weekly Photo Challenge: End of the World, er, Surprise. A sunny day of apple-picking. J, L, Z, and Ztwo in an apple orchard, a hundred trees heavily laden.Surprise.They pick only a bagful, only what will sustain them for a week.
    The world will continue.
    But if we consume and burn the planet the way we do, Z’s granddaughter — and your great grandchildren — might face long-drawn floods, then long-drawn droughts.
    They will reap what we sow, and it might not be apples.
    Hopefully, we keep learning everyday, and finding better ways to live without destroying what gives us life. Surprise. Here’s the photo, hope you’ll like it, pls click


  5. I’ve waited a long time to find a use for this photo. It’s just a little risque…but all in fun.


  6. It is a rare surprise to catch nature in action. On one of our outings in the Galapagos Islands we saw a Lava Heron swoop in and grab a Darwin Finch, drown it, and then swallow it whole. I din’t realize how big of a surprise it was until later that evening when the former director of the Charles Darwin Research Center told me that Lava Heron don’t eat finches; it is not part of their diet. But we have the photos and video to prove otherwise.


  7. I have a suggestion. Can the comments be open for longer than a week? I feel like we have to rush to get something in and it hinders us from presenting our best. It was really hard with Christmas this week.
    You used to keep it open for longer and those of us who takes photos have a creative bent that doesn’t necessarily move fast, juggling this with jobs, family, etc.
    You sent a survey awhile back and though I love WordPress that is one thing I wish you would revert back to.
    Thanks for listening.


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