Much of photography is about discovery, and with discovery may come a surprise.

A tiny surprise from Mother Nature. Photo by Jen H.

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“Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise!” — Wallace Stevens

Macro lenses act as a magnifier, allowing us to see dainty details in nature that otherwise go unnoticed. I recently took some macro shots of dandelions, and was delighted to find that this plant, commonly regarded as a weed, has beautifully curling stamens. I love the surprises my camera will inevitably reveal.

A tiny surprise from Mother Nature. Photo by Jen H.

“Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.” — Alice Walker

This week, share a surprise with us, as you see it through your lens. We’re excited to see what you share with us!

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  1. From the distance, it looks uninviting and cold like any other statue. But surprise! Tourists who stop by to pay homage to Margaret Krook and touch her statue find it warm to the touch. Marie-Louise Ekman, the artist who created it, made sure it stays warm to room temperature using heating coils all year through.


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