Share a photo that depicts your interpretation of “security.”

Morty, snoozing.

A few years ago, my husband called me from work with a question that changed our lives: “Can we keep him?” Long story short, the “him” in question was a three-year-old Maltese-x. No longer wanted, his owner bought a much larger dog thinking it could handle the wayward hands of unruly children better than this 5 lb. scrap of white fluff. Sight unseen, I said yes and made a friend for life.

His first night he was so terrified, he wouldn’t leave my side. He refused to make eye contact and licked his lips repeatedly — dog language for “I’m super stressed. Please don’t hurt me. I promise I won’t hurt you.” I just sat quietly and let him get used to his forever home — one with guaranteed security for the rest of his life.

Morty, safe and happy in his new home. Photo by Krista.

It’s amazing what people will cast off. Morty is friendly, energetic, and loyal. He wants nothing more than to hang out at your side. One of his favorite things to do is rest his snoozy mug on my laptop as I work. Every time I look at this photo, I think he’s smiling.

For this week’s challenge, show us something that represents security. It could be your kids happily reading under their favorite throw blanket. It could be a roaring fire chasing away the last of winter’s cold. It could be a worry stone you keep in your pocket or that favorite tee shirt that makes you feel awesome every time you put it on.

Looking forward to seeing your creative interpretations of this theme!

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  1. Security was always my boys standing guard at window of the old farmhouse they wouldn’t have hurt a flee but they looked pretty formidable…they have past on now the house is no longer there but my tiniest rescue pup Bella guards me feircely ..funny people were nervous of my two big boys yet Bella is a Min Pin 7lbs of” I will eat you if you touch my mom. ” Yet people try think she’s all frills and Diva NOW THAT IS
    See Beez, Thor, and Bellarina

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  2. Security strikes me like a mountainous seashore. The waves may get strong and batter the shore, but the mountains aren’t moved.
    Storms will batter and maybe frighten some of us in life. But if we’re like mountains, anything can come at us but we still press forward. Setbacks or not, we get up again. We’re never reduced to dust. It’s like emotional, physical, and mental security.


  3. I discovered my love for animals when I adopted this cute persian cat. Since that time he has destroyed my furniture with those sharp claws of his but that doesn’t bother me anymore because his demands for warm hugs and cuddles makes me love him even more.
    Ps im new here so i would definitely like some support from all the old users 🙂


  4. Safety in numbers comes to mind when I see kids going on a field trip together to a museum or to an ancient site. Oftentimes, the place can be so crowded with tourists that wearing color-coded baseball caps becomes handy. It surely helps keep track of everybody in the group.


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