Let’s close the year by celebrating people, places, and objects that endure.

With just a couple of days left in 2016, let’s close the year on a strong note and celebrate our individual and collective fortitude: it may have been a rough year for many of us, but we’re a tough bunch. (I’m talking about humans, but also specifically about bloggers. It takes courage and conviction to put yourself and your thoughts out there, post after post.)


I took the photo above in Ein Gedi, Israel, when I visited the Dead Sea on a recent afternoon. It’s been many years since my last trip there, and I was once again moved by the timeless beauty of the place. I also admired the resourcefulness of the species that thrive there despite the extreme conditions — from cacti and ibexes to people in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan who remain undaunted by both natural and man-made challenges.

This week, share a photo of something that says “resilient” to you. It could be a local landmark that has survived through the decades (or centuries), or a portrait of a person you know who never gives up. You could snap an image of a bed of perennials that never fail to bloom in season, or of a ritual or tradition that you (or people in your community) have successfully preserved. Show us something that has endured.

I look forward to your posts this week, and in future challenges in 2017 — happy new year!

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  1. Love the theme! As it so happens, my family of 5 (+1) had a rare monent of togetherness today and we decided to go to a Trampoline Park!It was a fun adventure, and a physical challenge. Considering my husbamd has endured 2 surgeries and 8 months of chemo since July of 2015, I think we have all bounced back pretty well as a family. Here’s to resilience and adventure! I will post a photo later if i remember! The best photos are on my daughter’s phone.

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