I’d Rather Be…

If given the choice, what would you rather be doing, right now?

The Lady in the Park by Leo Mol.

You’ve likely seen a bumper sticker or a sign that reads “I’d rather be…” How would you fill in the blank? Golfing? Running? Fishing? Something else entirely? What activity do you enjoy most?

When you enter the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Lady in the Park sets the tone: you’re entering a place of beauty, peace, and tranquility. Notice how there’s room on the bench for you? How could anyone possibly resist?

The Lady in the Park by Leo Mol.

Her nose — perpetually in a book — represents heaven to me. When I respond to “I’d rather be…” the answer is always the same. I’d rather be reading.

Now, it’s your turn. What would you rather be doing? If you’ve got more than one hobby, don’t be shy — you’re welcome to share the myriad ways in which you’d prefer to be spending time.

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  1. Right now in this moment… I’m laying next to the love of my life, listening to him breathe, while I’m reading and writing poetry. In this moment, there is nowhere else I rather be. Than next to my husband as he sleeps.

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    1. That’s a broad question without any guidance on what kinds of books you like. One of my favorites is still the Kingkiller Chronicle, though it is as yet unfinished 😦


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