For this week’s challenge, show us something that stands out from the everyday.

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Could it be mid-August already? For those of us who live in less-warm climes, summer’s long, sunny days are a prized commodity, something to look forward to all year long. But even during this all-too-short season, some things are more prized than others.

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Exhibit A: sour cherries. They’re tart and satisfying and beautiful in ways other fruit can barely come close to. They’re also almost impossible to find, at least where I live: their season lasts about seven minutes, and fewer and fewer people appreciate them these days, so growers keep replacing the trees with other, more user-friendly (read: giant and sweet) varieties. Sour-cherry devotees have become a loosely-organized seasonal cult, haunting farmers’ markets, searching for their phantom favorites with desperate looks.

But then you find them at that one fruit stand, and for a couple of weeks, as supplies last, you’re content. You make compotes and cakes. You prepare yourself for another year of waiting.

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something rare: a family heirloom. A cloudy day in a normally sunny desert. A sad frown on a cheerful kid’s face. Or anything else you think of as scarce and singular. I can’t wait to see what “rare” means to you!

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      1. Thanks Ben. Will do. It’s just that waiting for the Friday challenge is a treat. Every week I know something’s the waiting and I find it very entertaining. Sometimes I miss the date but I try and respond on the spot as much as time allows.

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    1. All pingbacks should display automatically as soon as they’re created. We’re aware, though, that at times posts from some blogs (especially self-hosted sites) fail to create a pingback. If that’s ever the case for you, we encourage you to leave a link to your entry in the comments.


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