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I spent last week in New York City, working, seeing old friends, and taking full advantage of all the late-night-falafel-eating opportunities. My kingdom for good late-night falafel!

When people-watching one afternoon in a café that’s a known Cool Kid haunt, I glanced out the window to give my eyes a rest from all the fabulosity and noticed that I could just make out a peek of my favorite New York City building: the Art Deco spike of the Empire State Building, poking up over a row of low-rise apartments.

I spent five years working on the 34th floor of the Empire State Building, and I hated it: the view was delightful, but elbowing through the tourist hordes to get to and from work soon wore on me. (If you visited the Empire State Building between 2005 and 2010 and a tall woman pushed the revolving door you were using way too fast, causing it to spit you unceremoniously onto the sidewalk, that was me and I’m sorry. I only had 30 minutes for lunch.) Now that I no longer have to enter the Empire State Building on a daily basis, I love it again. I feel no need to go in it (or up it), but I love its detailed geometry, the way it lights up a different color every night, and the way it’s always there; if you’re ever lost in New York, it’s your North Star. I’m always happy to catch a glimpse of it at the end of an avenue or over a shorter building.

This week, share a peek of something — a photo that reveals just enough of your subject to get us interested. A tantalizing detail. An unusual perspective. Compel us to click through to your post to find out more!

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  1. Surprisingly New York is a city where you can hardly get lost. I like Empire State building, but ,,fortunately” I visited it in 2014. I was lucky visiting New York!


  2. I worked at the Empire State Building for 4 years too, from 2000-2004, I was in the 18th floor, I was there for 911, I decided to move from nyc after few years. I didn’t think 911 had an effect in me but it did. I have family in NJ I often visit there. I love your post!


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