This week, show us your favorite in-focus and out-of-focus moments.

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As many experienced photographers will tell you, the sharpness of the lens or camera you use isn’t always that important. Sometimes, what matters more is the style and composition of the shot you’re trying to create. Whether you prefer a vintage look with grain and softer edges, or an image with razor-sharp focus, it all depends on the moment you hope to capture.

Over the weekend, I ventured out around sundown to try a new manual focus lens with a wide aperture that’s great for night shooting. As I approached one of my favorite views of the city (can you guess which one?), I grabbed a few shots of the skyline at different apertures and shutter speeds, but this accidental snap turned out to be one of my favorites!

Does this skyline look familiar? Photo by David Watkis.

The bokeh that resulted gives the lights of the city a magical quality and creates a unique look for a heavily photographed location. While the picture isn’t very representative of what I was seeing at the time, it certainly captures what I was feeling.

This week, share a photo that represents focus to you. Are you a stickler for getting in close to your subjects and capturing every detail, or do you prefer a more ethereal look that illustrates the sensations of the moment? Or both? And remember, you don’t need a professional camera to consider focus. Using your phone camera can provide an even more interesting approach.

I can’t wait to see your contributions!

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  1. Style and composition – love David’s soft look with the bokeh- draws the viewer into a dreamscape. Here’s mine – with an eerie cast – I went walking on a storm-wrack beach when the fog rolled in. It was a weird feeling as suddenly i felt threatened and claustophobic and just wanted to get out of there. It’s the site of several shipwrecks, and ghosts of the past.


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