On the Way

In-between moments can be just as memorable as grand finales. This week, share a photo you took on the way to something else.

When I travel, my camera is usually the third thing into my bag, after my passport and wallet. Lately, though, the camera hasn’t been making it into the bag at all — it stays on me, so I can take photos out the airplane window.

There’s often too much haze or cloud cover to get great shots from 35,000 feet, and I don’t have any specialized equipment, just my regular ol’ camera. But sometimes light and landscape are on my side and I can grab photos like this one, made as my plane descended into Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. In early May, swaths of tulips cover the Dutch landscape; kilometer-long brushstrokes of color turn the countryside into a huge art piece:

tulips, two

For this week’s photo challenge, stop and photograph the metaphorical roses (or the literal tulips). Share a shot of something you saw, did, or experienced on the way: a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way. Show us something stunning others might have missed, or find some unexpected beauty in a mundane moment. Maybe we can all start looking at the in-betweens a bit differently!

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  1. The in-between can be full of anticipation, a build-up to the main event on our arrival. But it can also be an event in and of itself, with little connection to our destination. Remember all those in-car games we played as children (or perhaps you play with your children) … “I spy with my little eye …” I didn’t realise until now how that contributed to my love of the detail I find along the way.

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  2. It was early morning in the fishing village of Nazaré. I snapped this picture of a widow on her way to the beach presumably to look for local fishermen bringing in the catch of the day.

    I know she is a widow because of the way she is dressed. It is customary for a Portuguese widow to dress in black for the rest of her life.

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  3. WELL…I’m slightly miffed. Last time I flew KLM into Amsterdam, the flight attendant made me turn my camera off!! Luckily, it was not tulip season, and it was raining. So…not so miffed now. Also, luckily, I take photos on the way and back home to everywhere. I took my camera yesterday to buy bread (this is at home).

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