Hope. This tree, if you look closely, is growing out of a drain. That drain is on top of a…

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Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

Hope. This tree, if you look closely, is growing out of a drain. That drain is on top of a train platform overhang. Cement for miles, yet this life took root here. Hope from me taking the picture & still finding wonder in these things, and hope from the tree, to grow.

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  1. Hope – one of my favourite words. This post immediately came to mind, from about half a year ago, when pix & kardzwas only a few months old. Would the blog survive? Would anybody read it? There was always hope :)
    In the meantime I have gotten to know so many kind and creative bloggers from around our planet earth. How cool is that! So thank you wordpress, for another weekly photo challenge! Much appreciated.
    Here’s some hope:


  2. you wonder sometimes how hope can stand among all difficulties !
    we keep dreaming and hoping !
    that is why we r alive coz we have hope !


  3. When When I think of hope I think of many things. They revolve around the ardent belief that: goodness will triumph over evil; that no matter how dark the evening there will be light—from the moon, the stars or the candles we light (metaphorically or literally); that people will truly shoot for the moon. So here are the photos I am posting. The first one is of


  4. I didn’t get the notification…again!? :-) And I forgot to check this time.

    I knew because I felt there was something missing about my day… Be back soon on this.

    Great posts everyone!


  5. A red letter day:^). I want for this day to be full of life, joy, love and intelligence, but if I should encounter anyone lacking the above, I’ll be more than happy to share mine~Nanyamka A. Payne


  6. Sorry if this is a repeat, but it has been over 12 hours since I left my first reply here w/o it appearing. So, my take on this weeks weekly challenge is ready featuring 2 great images and a thought.


    1. It’s easier if you create a post on your page with the photo embedded, instead of giving the direct link to the jpeg. If you check out other’s entries, you will see what I mean. Creating a post for your image will also allow others to like and comment on it.


  7. Here’s a challenge to the ones that are interested!
    I need photos of tattoos for a serie of articles that I’m writing on “The history of Tattoo”.

    I want photos of all kind of tattoo styles (& sizes);

    Classical american / sailor tattoos
    Prison tattoos / homemade
    Cover-ups (before and after pics appreciated)
    Tribal & celtic

    If you’re interested:
    Post a link to your pictures in this post (or email them to me), and I’ll use your photos as illustrations in the coming articles.
    Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway): you’ll be credited your photos and I will link to your blog.

    Any help would be highly appreciated!


  8. Is it just me, I’m a 3 week old novice with this photo challenge, but is it really difficult finding the newest post challenge theme for 2/3/2012? I thought there was a post and the new theme was “late.” However, I can’t find it using google. Do “they” need to do a better job it locating/posting the weekly challenge; especially through a search engine.


  9. I think maybe we should reserve judgement…who knows what happened to whomever writes this blog. Accidents happen, as do unexpected illnesses. Obviously something went wrong. I just hope it was nothing serious. :(


      1. There was already a post about waiting in December 2012, but I think the theme suits well now that many are waiting.
        If you read my post further up, you can always join in on the search for tattoos :)


      2. Yes I did read your piece but unfortunately I have no knowledge or pictures to participate in this topic. sorry. we will have to keep ourselves amused with varying topics and keep talking to each other.


      3. Right, and thank you for suggesting “waiting” as an option. Despite the fact that waiting was already done in December, I found it apropos, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to repeat a theme. Thanks again!


      4. I hadn’t done it either! :) I’m new too! So I’m all for it. I just mentioned it was done before because that’s been mentioned by others, and I don’t think it matters.


  10. This is my first “Weekly Photo Challenge” I’ve taken part in! I’m a bit late but fortunate enough that the next Photo Challenge isn’t up yet!! So this is my Wintery addition to the theme of “Hope”. :-)


  11. I am still trying to understand this… I want to publish this photo on my page but cannot figure out how. This is a photo, of a principal explaining to a child about a construction site. That trailer in the background IS the school for now – because the number of students is so high that they can’t fit. There is a playground beside this construction site, fenced off. And the kids went back and forth from trailers to the playground watching the construction equipment. These construction men must work around grade schools kids with huge equipment…


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