Last month, on a cold -35C day in the pit of winter, I spotted this tiny, meticulously constructed bird’s nest…

Meticulously constructed by previous owner. Spring possession available.

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Last month, on a cold -35C day in the pit of winter, I spotted this tiny, meticulously constructed bird’s nest in my front yard. Immediately, my thoughts turned to melting snow and the promise of spring, when this custom-built home would be ready for possession to protect a new family of baby birds.

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that evokes HOME for you.

krista It might be the place where you live, or a more abstract representation, or something completely different. Can’t wait to see what you do with this challenge!

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  1. I’ve tried to create a ping back it never seems to work. :( I just leave the link to my entry in one of the comments. Am I doing the right thing? Help would be appreciated.


    1. Lovely shot! We’ve had Eastern Phoebes nest on top of a second-floor window a few years in a row. It’s incredible to be able to watch them restore their house and raise young.


  2. I love this weekly challenge, but what bothers me are the number of folks who copy the link of more than a few that they like just to drive traffic to their sites. I have so many folks linking my blog to theirs and when I look at their blog they have not only chosen mine but about 50 others. Can you folks limit the number of trackbacks on the weekly challenge? I appreciate folks wanting to share my post, but I prefer not to be included in a list of 50. A list of 5 that someone likes is fine with me, but 50? Just sharing my thoughts.


      1. I have tried contacting the Forum and left several messages in Daily Prompt about the etiquette on pingbacks. I still have yet to get a reply. I try not post early because of all them pingbacks.


    1. I heartily disagree.
      I feel that pingbacks help to create connections, or at least the opportunity for connections. Having a list of related posts on my blog helps me keep track of which ones I’ve visited. And I make a point to visit each one I list, whether or not I leave a comment. ( not all blogs have the option of a “Like”, and often I am in reading mode more than writing mode). I’ve discovered some great new blogs to follow from the pingback list. And a lot of inspiration in the different ways people interpret ” common” vocabulary.
      When I go to a party, I don’t become friends with every new person I meet. But I wouldn’t want to restrict parties because of that.


      1. I can appreciate the desire to be specially highlighted. But it is completely possible to partake of a Challenge without adding a pingback to the Challenge post. So if someone chooses to include that link in their post, I don’t understand why they would then be unhappy when the list of pingbacks grows long. Other bloggers are just doing the same thing.
        I’m particularly responding to the suggestion that the Challenges limit the number of pingback/track backs allowed to be listed. Personally, I really enjoy that WordPress has created such an inclusive community. We can each be exclusive through our readers or blog rolls.


  3. Continuing the Photo Project ’52 Bolivian Sundays’, here’s my contribution for this week’s challenge:
    “…for a nomad like myself, trying to answer the question: “where is home” has a very unique response, because it’s a challenge to define ‘home’ for ‘serial expats’… Very personally, home is the place I feel free to be myself, and share all my passions! :o”
    Thank you for the inspiration!


  4. With every photo challenge I really like to pursue and photograph something different, unusual, or unexpected. To my surprise and delight, I came across unique hand built bird homes on the side of the road.

    Really, I promise you do NOT want to miss these homes entitled: Top-Flite Golf Bird Home, Three Bedroom Two Level Home, & Eight Bedroom Luxury Home.



    1. I totally agree with you… I always asked myself the question of “What is home, for global nomads, like ourselves?” And the answer, since we’re a moving family, home is where our ‘nomad family’ is… Where each and everyone of us may recognize him/herself as its own person… :o Thanks for sharing, and greetings from [currently] La Paz, Bolivia…