This week, share an image of a friend.

Claire, my friend. Photo by Jen H.

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“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” — Henry David Thoreau

I’m sure that at some point in every pet-lover’s life, they wish their animal friend could verbalize their thoughts. Our furry companions seem so in tune with our moods and the world around them, but the barriers of biology and language prevent them from having even a simple chat with us.

The beautiful thing about friendship is that it transcends language. A beloved pet doesn’t need to articulate their thoughts with words for us to understand their affection. With a true friend — be they human, canine, or something else entirely — you can sit comfortably in silence and simply share space.

Claire, my friend. Photo by Jen H.

This week, share an image of a friend. As always, we look forward to your contributions!

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  1. Never had a pet guess my friend’s and my parents dynamic could have never worked out. Hope someday to find a friend like this.

    I am new here I would be really thankful if you all could checkout my blog and provide me with some constructive criticism.


  2. I like taking pictures, I don’t think I’ll pass as a paparazzi. I find pointing the camera at people without their permission as intrusive. In my opinion, even people in public places are entitled to some kind of privacy.

    I’m only human, though. Sometimes I have to make an exception.

    While roaming around Quito, Ecuador, I saw these two elderly women sitting together in the park and enjoying each other’s company. I couldn’t resist taking their picture. They seemed to exemplify a friendship that has gotten better with age.


  3. I miss my dog who left us way too long ago. And now I can’t have one anymore. Anytime I see a dog like yours I’m going crazy for I love dogs so much. They are so clever and so expressive and I’m still wondering why people are saying that dogs are stupid. They are one of the cleverest species on earth and they can understand words and phrases very clearly.
    Well, anyway I d’ont have a dog so I won’t show you his pictures. Here is my post:

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