Fleeting Moment

Earlier this week we published a showcase of beautiful street photography blogs from the community. Now it’s your chance…

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Earlier this week we published a showcase of beautiful street photography blogs from the community. Now it’s your chance to give street photography a shot!

Share a picture that captures a fleeting moment on the street!

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  1. OK, Fleeting moment… this can be interpreted in a number of ways, right??? Who says it has to be street photography???!!! Erica, what happened to Sara Roso? Can we see some of your photos for the challenge, PLEASE?


    1. You can bet mine won’t be from, on, or near a street ;-) Fleeting moment sure, street photography, not so much. That would require people in my photography, and Jeffy don’t do people! :-D


  2. Street photos of one of the Philippines’ transportation methods — the “put-put”. Among my favorite Philippine traditions are also the slogans, or creative, catchy phrases, painted on these vehicles.


  3. Now this is a challenge if I ever saw one. ;-) Gotta go find those Street shots… a bit of a challenge when you live in the suburbs and drive all the time. :lol:


    1. I don’t know why this is happening, but the first link said page not found so I’m trying again.


      1. Firstandfabulous,
        Next time, go to your published post, click on it, and then copy the link (URL) from your browser (the link shows up at the top of your page in the white bar) and then paste it in a reply box here. It will make the link active and end the errors that are showing up in what you have added above. Ailsa has added your link for you. it is easy to do and you can practice by adding last week’s challenge to the CREATE page.
        Best wishes! :-)


    1. To jmayersforeman – I tried to make a comment at your blog but it seems that you have it locked somehow?


  4. Is there anything that captures a fleeting moment better than a rainbow? It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the subject for this weeks photo challenge. Here are two of my favorite photos from opposite ends of the earth. I was on the road when I took both shots, so I expanded the meaning of “street” photography.


    1. Time – fleeting moments, never to be seen again in exacting sameness, thank heavens for cameras, brilliant technology!


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