Show us your interpretation of today’s theme, “Experimental.”

Photo by Krista.

Regular photo challenge participants may recall that, to bust stress and keep fit, I like to run. Recently, well into fall, we enjoyed a couple of days reaching +25° Celsius (77° F). Wanting to embrace that last burst of summer, I went out one warm day feeling a bit experimental about my running route.

I realized that in all the years of running through the park, I had never once strayed from the paved path to attempt the narrow, rolling trails along the river. I veered into the underbrush and was happily astonished at the beautiful fall colors and river views. I had to stop every once in a while to document the day.

Photo by Krista.

With all the brief photo stops, that run was no candidate for a personal best time — though I’d say that being experimental and choosing a new path made my run a great time I will always remember.

This theme is as wide open as the prairie sky. How will you portray “Experimental”? Will it be the fresh lemon-cranberry scones you whipped up, tired of the usual blueberry muffins? Will it be a close-up of the piano where you just composed an original in a key new to you? Will it be capturing a subject using varying compositions or photographic techniques? Regardless of how you choose to show us “Experimental,” I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

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Ce jour la neige commence à tomber, on se demande si elle va tenir , au vue de la température négative : c’est possible ! Voici quelques photos de l’évolution de la neige dans l’Oise limite Val d’Oise:
Le village de Mortefontaine en Thelle avec quelques flocons de neige ce matin
et ça continue, la neige tombe toujours :

Et ça continue, quelques mm de neige en plus ….

Je vous préviens lorsque la neige recouvrira la gamelle sur cette table ;-)
Belle AM


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