Escape. Depending on your current mood and headspace, or time in your life, this word can evoke different emotions and…

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Image courtesy of Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Escape. Depending on your current mood and headspace, or time in your life, this word can evoke different emotions and conjure a variety of images. Maybe the end of your semester is near, and you yearn for vacation and release: the desire to disappear and run away, the need to unplug and shut off. Or perhaps you imagine quite the opposite: Lost in a maze. Stuck in a room, feeling boxed in, with the worst company. Frustrated in your own thoughts, wondering what to do next.

I took this photograph on Cala Tarida, a beach on the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, during a fun afternoon of cliff jumping. Here, I’ve captured a friend just after he took the plunge — it’s one of my favorite images because it captures a sense of both freedom and exhilaration.

In a new post created specifically for this challenge, share a picture that means escape to you.

cheri lucas We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


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  1. Why do I waste my time? I take time to choose an image, I post it, I put up the link, I get people visting, 16 people in fact, do you bother to comment, a big fat NO!!! So why waste your time if your to lazy to post a comment, I am polite enough to leave a comment when I visit someones blog, its only out of respect for other bloggers and common courtesy.


      1. I noticed, too, that most people either just “like” or put a pingback. That’s partly why I try to always comment as well as like. Feedback is good!! :-)



      2. All I ask is if a person has taken time to go on my blog, a little feed back would be nice. A person wouldn’t visit someones home a say nothing so whats wrong with leaving a few lines, it can lead to a beautiful friendship. =) btw I am trying to get on your blog but its taking me no where. :(


  2. This will be my first challenge entered… But the theme is perfect for my life at the moment, photography is my world….so… a few hours from now, hopefully I’ll have something posted and linked… Thanks for these prompts…. I absolutely love them….


  3. I am sure your friend made a remarkable escape.. being under the sea is really being able to escape!! ;)


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  5. Happy weekdays to the following WordPress users and “likers”: elleturner4; septicalvar; Rotten Ray; Hamburg und Mee(h)r; Archita; Bams Triwoko; mrscarmichael ; Ileana Partenie ; 9step ; NW Frame of Mind; Nature on the Edge; artandkitchen; Queenie ; evilnymphstuff; shambolicliving; spanner; cynthiamc1; R. ; Vladimir Brezina … My post for the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape” can be viewed at:


    1. Interesting photo/perspective. Caves and tunnels kind of scare me (make me very claustrophobic) so my first thought was of someone trying to find her way out, even if that meant leaving the relative security of a better lit chamber to pass through darkness to find her way out.


      1. Yes exactly, the dilemma if you were indeed being pursued through the tunnels and caves, your only choice being to go through pitch black sections not knowing what was ahead.
        This was from an overnight Ghost Hunt I participated with some Paranormal Investigators for charity. A lot of fun! Thanks for your comment, really appreciate your view!