Earth Day is near! This week, let’s celebrate this planet on which we live.

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Over the past several months, we’ve seen so much rain in Northern California, where I live — so much that our governor has declared that the drought emergency in California is over. Driving up into the Sierra Nevada mountains this past weekend put this into perspective. After a recent dump of snow, the snowboarding conditions on the mountains of Squaw Valley were fantastic, while hiking along the gushing Truckee River was energizing — its flow so strong, so healthy.

As I was out and about one late afternoon, I looked off into the distance and saw a lovely view of the mountains — and a faint ring around the sun.

It caught me by surprise, and I stopped for a good while to appreciate such a natural, majestic setting that we’re fortunate to enjoy. The snapshot feels fitting for this week’s photo challenge, as we prepare to celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

This week, share an image that means “earth” to you — whether it’s a panorama of a landscape that takes your breath away, a close-up revealing a detail in nature, or another scene that honors the outdoors, we welcome your takes on the theme!

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  1. I have seen interesting halos like this around the sun and moon and up in the arctic zone of Finland’s Lapland, in winter months, these take on an other worldly look when you see it it from so far north. Welcome to Finland and welcome to Lapland anytime from November to April, you will see some very amazing phenomenon in the northern skies ! Nice photos by the way !


  2. You have a way of writing that connects with my heart. Lovely picture. I envy people who live nearby nature and don’t have to travel far to enjoy it.


  3. Whenever I travel, I’m amazed to see how beautiful the world we’re living is. The camera is my witness. It doesn’t lie. No matter where I go, I find something to please the senses.

    Of course, I have favorites. The Austrian Alps region is one of them. The views are gorgeous with the mountains, rivers, and green landscapes in perfect harmony.


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