Down. We spend a lot of time looking ahead, looking from left to right before we cross the street, looking…

Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

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Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

Down. We spend a lot of time looking ahead, looking from left to right before we cross the street, looking into the sky for Superman, but not a lot of time looking down. What do you see?

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  1. Here is my contribution for this week’s challenge… Looking down: my interpretations of being up and looking down. Let mw know what you think!

    Greetings from colorful Recife, Brazil, getting in the mood for Carnaval Week!


  2. I don’t understand what this Trackbacks & Pingbacks is all about. What is it for and how does one do it, if one should decide that this is a good thing? Thanks.


    1. not to complain or anything, seeing as how this is a free service, and i think the weekly photo challenges are terrific – however just a heads-up that this blog theme doesn’t seem as user friendly for finding who has posted here. maybe it is a matter of learning how to navigate here, but i do miss the old format. just saying. :)


  3. what a wonderful world down there on the forest floor. nature creates some very interesting mini-scenes for us. in the fall when the leaves have fallen off the trees they get caught in all kinds of interesting and wonderful places. this image was taken in canada’s beautiful cape breton highlands national park, at the most tip of nova scotia. what a fun place to hang out in our highlands, we go mostly every other year.. ;o)


  4. Reblogged this on littlewonder2 and commented:
    That’s not true. I spend heaps of time looking down. The place I always thought people never look is up.

    I mean, okay. When you’re in a new place that you’re in awe of, or when you’re lying on the grass, you do. But in general, when moving through a place, you rarely look up. Unless something draws your attention, or you’re just that kind of person.

    So I guess the real question is: what kind of person are you? No need to start worrying about answering such a deep question. It’s just like answering whether you prefer cats or dogs. That is a question that everyone likes to know of someone, a little trivial thing. Yet at the same time, so telling.

    Like whether you look up or down, the question of cats and dogs is one that relies on your inner self; a person who likes cats is generally one more focused on the beauty of humanity’s flaws; those who like dogs are more idealistic than that. This also relates to cat’s looking down, and dogs looking up to us. Those are the connections usually wrought from this.

    Likewise, looking up or down must say something. Looking down indicates self-consciousness, usually seen in people with lower esteem. Looking up must indicate something less internal and more optimistic. In other words, those who look down feel pessimistic about themselves, and those who look up feel optimistic about the world.

    These are such polar opposites, that you probably can’t limit this theory to only two directions, like with two animals in cats and dogs (hasn’t anyone considered birds, horses, mice, pigs…?). Other directions must indicate things about your inner self too (how about backwards, forwards, left or right?)

    I once heard that in conversation, that if you look left, you’re trying to remember, and if you look right, you’re trying to lie effectively. But that’s a story for another day, I think.


  5. I really enjoy the weekly photo challenge – trouble is I just seem to be too thick to grasp just how to enter it myself! In fact I find it difficult to do anything with my WordPress blog except add posts to it. When it comes to being more interactive within the WordPress daily post etc community I just don’t seem to be pressing the right buttons. Any advice would be welcome!


  6. wow…been doing this challenge for a while and didn’t think to post it here…

    so, I live in the Quad Cities which are some cities on both sides of the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois…

    my photo is from midway on a bridge from before Abe Lincoln’s time that is still operational…I wanted to try going on the walkway with a friend first since I am new and wasn’t sure if it was safe…saw some people and got excited…got halfway out and was snapping away with the phone and realized that when cars go by the loud sounds of the metal made it seem like the bridge was moving. When I creeped back off (the walkway is a grate with the river underneath) I realized that it didn’t help that I have an earache and am still adjusting to bifocals…fun adventure :)


  7. This is my second entry for this week’s challenge: Down

    PLEASE WORDPRESS – I have tried so many times to leave links to my pix here! If there is a comment (or several) from WRITING FROM THE EDGE in you spam bit, please post it in your comments. Then I will be allowed to leave my link next week and thereafter!

    Also I have left loads of comments on other people’s photos/blogs. Please check your spam bins! WordPress has a habit of chucking blogspot comments in the trash! If you fish it out and post it, then I will be recognised next time! Hurray!

    Here is the link to my pictures for Down 2


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