Ready to walk on through? This week, share an image of a door.

Door collage by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

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I’ve always had a thing for photographing doors, but it wasn’t until this month, when I was exploring the town of Chipping Campden in England’s Cotswolds, that I realized I have enough images from over the years to compile a book.

A door is an everyday thing, yet is often a symbol — of a beginning, a journey forward or inward, a mark of one’s home, or even a step into the unknown.

A bright blue door in St. Georges, Bermuda.

A bright blue door in St. George’s, Bermuda.

As the participants in the Blogging U. Photo 101 course discussed recently, color can infuse your photographic subject with life — and elevate a photograph. While wandering in the historic town of St. George’s on the island of Bermuda, the bright blue door above caught my eye, and it’s become one of my favorite door images from all of my travels. Somehow, the door makes me happy. I suppose it’s a reminder to always look for and find beauty in the mundane and all things around us.

For this week’s challenge, publish a new post with a photo of a door (or multiple doors!). Consider how color affects the image, but also think about size, shape, texture, and details — how might these elements add up to tell a story?

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  1. Beautiful! And a wonderful idea. Each door offering a chance at something different. You might want to check out Igor Medvedev. His focus was on structure with an emphasis on doors. We have one of his seriographs. He became well known for this. Looking at your photos, they are beautiful like his were. I would think people would love to have one. Here is a link from his gallery about him. Keep it up!


    1. Hi — yes, that has happened to me before, I think, when I’ve been drafting a post and save it on one day, but publish it on another.

      It’s good to double-check your publication date in your post editor before publishing.

      Not sure if that is your issue, though. Here’s a related issue in the support forums:

      If you have more details on when exactly this happens, let us know and I can see if I can help further!


  2. Doors…

    the entry to our souls…

    walk into the front door of any home and soon you’ll realise just who live there!! I’ve done quite a few “doors” posts but it will always be special to do another!!

    Here’s a quote I used for one “doors” post…

    Not all doors are made for going through… some should be avoided… or at best only peeped through. 😉

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  3. Hi….I love these images. I also love door images. I wanted to ask if you have copyright fees for these? My blog that I am beginning is a real estate blog and I would to request permission once or twice to post an image. Thank you.

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