Whether visually or emotionally, this week let’s dig (or dive) deep.

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A few years ago I drove through Montana. I was pressed for time, but it was a state I’d long wanted to visit. So after several long hours on the Interstate, where I could catch glimpses of the landscape around me but not much more, I decided it was time for a detour.

Moments later, a sign announced that the upcoming exit was to a town called Anaconda, not far from the Continental Divide. If the name wasn’t tempting enough, my map suggested a winding mountain road and a couple of lakes.

My scenic detour didn’t really live up to expectations: as soon as I started climbing in altitude the visibility turned terrible and rain started pouring. Still, stopping at the edge of Georgetown Lake, I could sense (even if not quite see) how beautiful — and how big — the place was. It’s there I took the photo above, of a boat launch slowly descending below the water’s fog-covered surface.

As far as I could see — which wasn’t much — it could have gone on all the way to the bottom of the lake.

This week, share with us your take on “depth” — you can take it literally, like me, by showing something (a dense forest, your lawn after a blizzard) that suggests volume, a distance between surface and bottom. Or go with a more figurative approach: use a deep color palette, play with your image’s depth of field, or highlight a person, a place, or an object to which you feel deeply connected.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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      1. Hi Sandra — I just checked your post (lovely images!) and I don’t seem to see a link to the photo challenge in there. Without a link the pingbak can’t be created, and without the pingback, the post doesn’t get automatically added to the grid. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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