Delicate. As a former food blogger, it’s no surprise that the bulk of my photo library is pictures of meals…

Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber

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Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber

Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber

Delicate. As a former food blogger, it’s no surprise that the bulk of my photo library is pictures of meals I’ve eaten. And while I no longer deluge the internet with daily images of my dinner, I still use those photos when I’m in a lunchtime rut — sometimes a look at the colors or textures of a meal sparks my imagination.

I was doing just that today, when I couldn’t face the idea of eating a bowl of Wheaties for lunch . . . again. I kept returning to this image, of an asparagus and pea shoot salad with grapefruit, struck by the delicacy. Razor-thin shavings of asparagus. Dainty sprigs of pea shoot. Grapefruit segments ready to burst at the nudge of a fork. Delicate in appearance, delicate on the tongue, and delicate in flavor.


Delicate could be the tracings of frost on a window, a child’s tiny fingers and toes, the intricate pattern of a tree’s canopy, or something yet-to-be-discovered. So much of this challenge depends on your interpretation of “delicate,” and we look forward to seeing the range of images you capture.

– Michelle


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      1. What a delicious looking dish… Oddly, a few nights ago, I was taking photos of a blood red grapefruit I peeled to eat. It looked so good I photographed it… and now this. I don’t know if my grapefruit shots are post worthy but I’ll go check. TY! 🙂


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