Delicate. As a former food blogger, it’s no surprise that the bulk of my photo library is pictures of meals…

Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber

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Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber

Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber

Delicate. As a former food blogger, it’s no surprise that the bulk of my photo library is pictures of meals I’ve eaten. And while I no longer deluge the internet with daily images of my dinner, I still use those photos when I’m in a lunchtime rut — sometimes a look at the colors or textures of a meal sparks my imagination.

I was doing just that today, when I couldn’t face the idea of eating a bowl of Wheaties for lunch . . . again. I kept returning to this image, of an asparagus and pea shoot salad with grapefruit, struck by the delicacy. Razor-thin shavings of asparagus. Dainty sprigs of pea shoot. Grapefruit segments ready to burst at the nudge of a fork. Delicate in appearance, delicate on the tongue, and delicate in flavor.


Delicate could be the tracings of frost on a window, a child’s tiny fingers and toes, the intricate pattern of a tree’s canopy, or something yet-to-be-discovered. So much of this challenge depends on your interpretation of “delicate,” and we look forward to seeing the range of images you capture.

– Michelle


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      1. What a delicious looking dish… Oddly, a few nights ago, I was taking photos of a blood red grapefruit I peeled to eat. It looked so good I photographed it… and now this. I don’t know if my grapefruit shots are post worthy but I’ll go check. TY! :-)


  1. My second posting to this week’s challenge — a snowman


    I had this post written, and comments in it about “Peace” being delicate, needing nurture, then just before I published I read today’s dreadful news of shooting and death at a Connecticut school. My heart goes out to those who are grieving, and shocked beyond words. Our hold on a good life is indeed delicate.


  3. I’ve got just the thing but I just posted for last weeks at 6:00 am before you closed comments! No time this week until then. At least I’ve got something on the backburner and I think it will be perfect!


  4. Curves are the delicate looking but strong. Whether or not it is strong enough is the illusion. I just learn that aches in architecture holds up more weight. So does this salad provide strong or weak for you? I personally just eat what I like and don’t read too much into food. I am a very it is what it is person.


      1. Thk u for your kind response blueribbonfair:-)I used one of mine cos I wasn’t sure-next time I may use someone else’s-am not so good with the camera,lol!Had a look at your blog & saw some cool pics-am following u now-am sure to learn a lot of things from u:-)Happy Holidays!


  5. Weekly Photo Challenge: Lothal – Delicate Architecture – I

    Lothal is one of the most prominent cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization; we were taught in social studies subject in school days!!!

    After the core of the Indus civilization had perished in Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, Lothal seems not only to have survived, but to have thrived for several years.

    Once a sleepy pottery village, Lothal rumbled awake to become a flourishing centre of trade and industry, famous for its expertly constructed system of underground sanitary drainage, and an astonishing precision of standardized weights and measures.

    That is the reason I dare to say, “It is a Delicate Architecture”!!!


  6. Weekly Photo Challenge: Kirti Toran at Vadnagar – Delicate Architecture – II

    The architecture is embellished with carvings of battle and hunting scenes. The one to the east is in better condition and has been used as a symbol of Gujarat in recent times. The torans might have served as an entrance to a large temple complex, but there are no remains found here.


  7. Weekly Photo Challenge: On a Delicate Moon

    Maybe it’s subtle but baby I’m strong

    Don’t carry my struggle but drag it along

    Maybe I’m rattled and maybe I’m wrong

    Maybe the loneliest soul in the night

    I hunt from my anger, then head for the light

    Maybe I’m riddled and maybe I’m right

    On a delicate Moon


  8. I don’t have a picture but your idea about using your pictures for inspirations at lunchtimes is a fab idea. Do you still have your food blog? Im looking to eat healthier and images like that beautiful salad would certainly inspire me at lunchtimes :) Or if there’s any other blogs that you can recommend – would be a huge blessing. I have holidays to prepare for :)


  9. So what do you say about yourself through your photography?

    Visit and see a delicate feather frozen on top of an ice pond.

    Source: So what do you say about yourself through your photography?


  10. “Oh! little lock of golden hue,…In gently waving ringlet curl’d,…By the dear head on which you grew,…I would not lose you for a world.” -Lord Byron (1788-1824) My post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: for the children of tender and delicate years & their schoolteachers & staff who lost their lives last Friday in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut: Your light will shine on..Pls click link below


  11. Ok a slightly back to front story of my day. Progress of injuries, burn now turning into a big blister, left side of face now coming back to life, new trainers and jeans (a souvenir from the last USA visit) in the washing machine, toes slowly turning from blue to pink, elbow, shoulder and back bruised and lacerated, Canon 650d all ok.
    You might be saying ‘was he hit by a car’, thankfully no I wasn’t but all this leads up to a set of pictures. I will go through injuries one by one, burn to hand while grilling cheese sandwiches for brunch so I would not be hungry while out, filling fell out so a visit to dentist was needed hence numb face, new trainers and jeans covered in river mud after slipping and falling while climbing across rocks, elbow, shoulder and back bruised and lacerated after fall on rocks, best luck of the day was I managed to turn as I fell on the rocks and managed to put me between rocks and camera, mild frostbite on toes due to wet mud soaked feet and standing on rock edge for almost two hours waiting for all the lighting changes and sunset. Home now and trying to sort through 186 images, narrowed it down to fourteen, some are slightly duplicated but different due to lighting and clouds, I think some of them might just fit into the delicate category.
    After going through all this I decided I need a glass of Southern Comfort and a hot bath. If you would like to view these pictures I would be delighted after the day I have had.


  12. За любовта… Колко е хубаво да се обичаме, нежно , топло , отзивчиво, всеотдайно… И как сме жадни всички за любов, и колко много копнеем и как се надяваме.Моя трудна любов… Благодаря на Господ, че е дарил сърцето ми с обич, обич, само обич .Омразата погубва човека, който я носи в себе си… Да пребъде любовта!


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