Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.

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I’ve been traipsing around Europe over the past few weeks. I am, as my long-suffering spouse can attest, that person who likes to visit every. Single. Church. I love the history, the nooks and crannies, the hidden secrets — and the range of ways humans design spaces that are meant to uplift and inspire.

While in Paris, I was captivated by l’église Saint-Eustache, a stunning gothic church that many visitors pass over in the rush to visit Notre Dame. On a late afternoon visit, I arrived as the low-hanging sun centered itself in one of the stained glass windows.

Stained glass window in Eglise St-Eustache, Paris (Michelle Weber).

“Sunlight in Eglise St-Eustache,” Michelle Weber.

The contrast between the window and the surrounding structure was so strong that it obliterated all the details, leaving only shafts of light piercing the stone walls. Although I’m not a person of faith, even I had to pause and allow my eyes to drift towards the heavens (or the ceiling, as the case may be). The photo doesn’t entirely capture the luminance of the moment, but is a lovely reminder for me.

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, share your own photo showing a CONTRAST.

Join me in navel-gazing, or show us something more everyday — your cat cuddled up with your dog, a red car in front of a yellow house, a figure silhouetted against a setting sun. Try a less literal take and snap a shot of the John Grisham and Shakespeare volumes sharing space on your bookshelf, or go totally figurative and share an image of a person you find full of contrasts.

We look forward to learning what says “contrast” to you!

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  1. Mine is rather strange, as I am not a photographer or a poet, and just posted both. But at least I think I’m mastering the ping back concept. Did I? Now if I could just stop pinging back myself. How pathetic. Great idea–I love your photo, btw. What a wonderful trip that must have been!


  2. Michelle, I am definitely going to give this a try but first I had to laugh when I read your husband’s reaction to visiting churches. We, too, just returned from a trip to France and one of the first things he said to me was, “I am done with looking at churches!” I love visiting them. We’ve been all over Italy and now parts of France and I always seek them out!


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  4. It’s going to have to be a brand new picture this week as I don’t have access to my library. I’ll take a look around. :)


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  6. I just wanted to comment on the photo – very impressive. Natural sunlight can sure do wonders, I imagine. Cool. Thank you for participating in June writing 101; I had en enjoyable time. One day, I plan to get a better camera. Are you looking forward to any fireworks for July 4th? I am, however I may not get to them; they go off around 8:30 and I will most probably be at work. I imagine they are amazing in New York. I love blogging more than anyone I have ever met. You are awesome; I love your photography; and I will be like you someday.

    Happy blogging and thank you, :)


  7. Here’s my offering on contrast…from the newbie blogger here at… The Ink Pen, Book Stop Blog…

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  8. “I know that in many things I am not like others, but I do not know what I really am like. Man cannot compare himself with any other creature; he is not a monkey, not a cow, not a tree. I am a man. But what is it to be that? Like every other being, I am a splinter of the infinite deity, but I cannot contrast myself with any animal, any plant or any stone. Only a mythical being has a range greater than man’s. How then can man form any definite opinions about himself?” On Contrast by Carl Jung


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  10. so beautiful! – and the text to go with this photo really made the shot come more alive.

    Also, I just noticed (on 3rd viewing) that in your photo – there is a bit of stronger purple and yellow on the the right – that bright yellow on the upper right pulls ya in and then the eye falls down to the purple and then over to the left-
    where we see a bit heavier red and green – and because those colors are complementary pairs it just adds more to the whole contrast feel –


  11. Ste eustache is my favorite church in Paris, as well, I love the way it has been build quite spacious and bright, and even more the sculpture outside the head in the hand. I ll think and come up with something… Thank you for bringing back this place….


  12. Hosting the 14th International Architecture Biennale, titled Fundamentals, Venice now offers even more photographic occasions. Beyond the exposition itself, various installations are placed around the city, producing both a dialogue and a contrast between the art works and the surrounding environment. As did “Boy with Frog” by Charles Ray until 2013, now it is “The Sky Over Nine Columns” by Heinz Mack playing this role. Nine columns, seven meters high and covered with a golden mosaic, stand in front of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. They represent both a manifestation of the human being, standing upright, and a solid connection between the ground and the sky, but also an homage to the ancient local craftsmanship, with the golden mosaic. And of course they add some temporary eccentricity to the venetian skyline.