Find a little irreverence in your world.

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Sometimes, my walk home from the bus involves 17 flights of stairs carved into a steep hillside, which in San Francisco is a totally normal thing. The stairs are lined with homes — let’s take a minute here to feel a little sympathy for the mail carrier who has this route — and all the residents pitch in to landscape the staircase along its entire length.

As if the lush, colorful flora weren’t enough, the stairs are also home to a friendly, bow-tie-wearing cat named Buzz and a flock of parrots; I’ve often heard their manic squawks but had never actually seen them. That is, until last week, when I rounded a corner and found two dozen parrots in a tree, happily snacking.

Obviously, I took a picture. They tried to blend in with the tree, but my cameraphone got the better of one of them.*

Cheeky (adj): impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way.

Just try and tell me that this parrot does not have a cheeky expression. This parrot is not impressed with your iPhone. This parrot is only letting you see him (her?) because he (she?) wants to be seen. This parrot has some secrets, and you’ll never learn them.

Show us something cheeky this week! Kids, animals, faces in inanimate objects, amusing signs, funny juxtapositions — go find a little irreverence in your world.

* There are four parrots in this frame.

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