A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.

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I’ll soon be moving away from New Jersey, where I’ve lived since 2001. I’m incredibly excited, but as the day of departure gets closer and closer, I find myself thinking of the things I’ll miss. Which, includes, possibly inexplicably, the New Jersey Turnpike — a swath of asphalt that, love it or hate it, is an inescapable element of life in the Garden State.

Driving home from visiting family late last weekend, I took this photo on the approach to my exit* (don’t worry; I was the passenger):

turnpike blur

I kept my camera purposefully unfocused — I like that the image is somewhat abstract, but with a subject that’s clear to me. These blobs of color and light are the Turnpike: the red tail lights of the other cars. The yellow of the streetlights. The distinctive green signage. The white lane lines, curving away into an unknown future. It’s a meaningful blur.

This week, share a photo that’s a blur. You could keep your camera out of focus to achieve a blurry photo, or take a photo of something in motion. Or go in a different direction — capture an image of an experience that would otherwise be a blur, or of something in a state of flux.

I look forward to finding the hidden meaning in your blurs!

* Shoutout to exit 14C.

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