Anyone out there who enjoys composing Haiku and likes taking Close up photography may enjoy this challenge. Each week I will nominate a broad category of common household object, “Glassware” for example. You have a look about your home and create a photo of the item and Haiku inspired by it.

How It Works?

Create a TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge post on your own blog.

Then add a link to your blog in the comment box for the relevant weekly challenge post. Just click on the + sign in the speech bubble at the end of the post to access the comment box.

Remember to follow my blog “La vie est trop courte pour pour du mauvais vin” to get weekly reminders of the challenge for the week.and check out the work of others.

So that others can check out your haiku and images make sure you title your blog post “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge”  and put “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge” in your tags.

I will do my best to read every post and will try to comment on each. I will also be listing the submissions from the week before for you to enjoy as well as showcase one or two amazing examples.

Tips on how to compose a Haiku will be on each post and you might like to add a description of your item if it has sentimental or other interest. Share your favorite treasures!

Event Organizer: TJ Paris

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