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Some of the most poignant pieces I’ve read on explore the topic of identity. The posts in the Identity archive of Discover are great examples of writing, art, and photography that probe this topic, pose questions, and start conversations around who we are. Consider Lorna Alkana’s recent self-portrait, Maranda Elizabeth’s account of what it’s like to be a twin, or this bit from an older post from author Alexander Chee on being “Asian American”:

I just wanted to write stories as complicated as the people I knew, who were pretty complicated. I wanted, when I started all of this, to write books like the ones I found in the library when I was a child in Maine who was made to feel out of place everywhere he went for being neither of one culture nor the other. That is the only thing I ever wanted to do. I didn’t want to be a senator from the state of Half Asian or Korean American.

For this week’s Discover Challenge, focus on identity. You may use it simply as a one-word prompt, or tell us what the word means to you. Or you might publish a sketch that represents who you are or how you feel today, a poem about identity in our digital age, or a personal essay about who you once were. Like the previous challenges, you are not limited to format: photographers, painters, spoken word performers, flash fiction writers, and others are welcome to submit posts inspired by the word, topic, and theme of identity.

If you publish a post in response to another one, don’t forget to link back to the original post.

If you’d like a different take on the challenge, read some of the previous editors’ picks in the Identity archive. Find one that inspires or provokes you in some way — it can be a quote from an essay you love, a response to a piece you don’t agree with, or a reaction to a post in the medium of your choice (art, image, prose, video, etc.).

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  1. Hello, i just made my first post and its about identity please check it out
    Its more of my thoughts and feelings jammed up in a few statements. Hope you enjoy.


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