The Greatest _______ in the World

This week, tell us about something or someone that you want to recognize as the greatest.

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Ana Kinkaid’s recent post at the American Culinary Federation’s official blog, We Are Chefsis simply titled: “The Greatest Soup in the World.”

Declared the “most elegant and delicious soup ever created” by food editor and New York Times critic Craig Claiborne, Billi Bi is a cream of mussels soup originating from Brittany, France. Ana shares the history and recipe of this classic soup, and by the end of her post we’re left salivating at our keyboards.

In this week’s challenge, find inspiration in Ana’s post title, “The Greatest Soup in the World.” Replace soup with any other word or phrase you’d like — city, poet, grandfather, enemyconsumer reviews site — and tell us why, in your own way or medium, it’s the greatest of its kind in the world.

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