This week, look to the bond between human and animal for inspiration.

"My Little Helper" by Meg Greene Malvasi, Little Dogs Laughed.

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At WordPress Discover, you can explore recommended posts across popular topics, from Animals to Technology. Dive in!

As one of the editors behind WordPress Discover, I look for posts across a variety of topics to fill our archives. I’d personally love to read and add more editors’ picks to our Animals archive — whether it’s a photo essay of a grizzly bear in Canada’s Banff National Park, a longread about one writer’s relationship to his rescue dog, Belle, or a blog that showcases an owner’s dogs in beautifully edited photographs.

If you currently have or have had a pet, you know the bond between human and animal is special, strong, and irreplaceable. And if you haven’t had an animal of your own, you’re likely to have experienced encounters or moments with one that have taught you something, made you think, or even made you laugh.

For this week’s Discover challenge, focus on a post about an animal: Share a story or poem about your beloved pet. Describe a memorable wildlife sighting in nature. Sketch a scene of the birds you encounter on your morning walk. Share the underwater photographs of that time you snorkeled with turtles.

Or go in a different direction and tell us about your fear of snakes, a close and scary encounter with a shark at sea, your ongoing battle at home with squirrels, or your take on another (furry, scaly, feathery, or other) nemesis.

There are so many angles here — we look forward to your responses!

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      1. Strange how my comments will post if I reply to a prior comment but not if I join the conversation. Confused?


  1. I love the article. I think it is a lot of information about your challenge for “Discover” about writing a post about an animal. Have you considered writing a song for your “Discover” challenge?

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