Writing: Elements of Storytelling

Become your own best editor.

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Week One: Finding Your Angle

Week Two: Writing a Great Hook

Week Three: Focusing On Your Key Moment

Week Four: Writing Cinematically

Roald Dahl once said that “good writing is essentially rewriting,” and we agree. In Writing 201: Finding Your Story, we’ll explore how to find your unique angle on a topic, craft a more engaging introduction, find the true heart of your story, and expand your material into scenes. Ultimately, the goal is to learn how to self-edit and read your writing with an editor’s eye.

Over four weeks, we’ll present four different workshops. Read each workshop at your own pace — absorb it all in one day, or tackle parts of it throughout the week.  Experiment with the techniques we explore in pieces you’re working on.

Confirming my ever-fIrm belief that creative people share instead of compete, I’ve been so very impressed with the quality of work and generosity of critique among 201 participants.
– Belles and Whistles

Unlike our Writing 101 courses, there are no daily assignments — but if you’d like to publish something on your own blog, we certainly won’t stop you! You could publish a work-in-progress in the middle of the week, a revised or new post on Friday, or even commentary on the rewriting process. What you actually publish, and how much, is up to you.

As in all Blogging U. courses, you’ll also have access to a private site, The Commons, where you can connect with other participants, share your work for constructive feedback, and get support from Editors and Happiness Engineers.