Blogging 101: For the Weekend Warriors

Think you have widgets down? Become a weekend widget wizard by exploring some advanced widget customizing options.

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Two weeks in, and your blogs are looking great! But more importantly, you’ve been publishing great posts, making new friends, and supporting one another.

If you want to keep plowing head over the weekend, here are a few ideas…

  • We know tinkering with themes and widgets can be time consuming. Take some time over the weekend to explore any options you haven’t already played with — and then make some decisions and stick with ’em!
  • Once you’re settled on your theme and widgets, check out a few easy-as-pie ways to add a little more personality to them.
  • If you’re ready to take your widget wizardly to the next level, learn about widget visibility, which allow you to specify which widgets appear on which pages and posts on your blog.
  • Comment, comment, comment! We can’t overemphasize it: interacting with other bloggers make the blogosphere go ’round.

Our biggest weekend advice? Take a day off! Nothing will tank your burgeoning blog faster than burnout, and the best cure for frustration (and the best inspiration for your next post!) is to step back from the keyboard and re-engage with real life.

See you Monday!

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