Meet Your Hosts

The Daily Post is brought to you by a cast of the finest Automatticians, including:

  • Michelle Weber, nap enthusiast, recovering metalhead, advanced dog-snorgler, and all-around bossypants.
  • Erica Varlese, dog psychology dabbler, number one Bruce Springsteen fan, and urban nomad extraordinaire.
  • Cheri Lucas Rowlands, squirrel fancier, non-fair-weather San Francisco Giants fan, and tiny house lover.
  • Elizabeth Urello, bunny rabbit physiology specialist and professional recluse.
  • Ben Huberman, reformed academic, semi-professional toddler wrangler, and fried dough connoisseur.
  • Daryl Houston, philosopher, gentleman, Renaissance man, haberdasher, balderdasher, burgermeister, grammarian.
  • Krista Stevens, the Honorable Chief Ambassador to The Daily Post from Canada and President in Perpetuity of Canadians for Burt Reynolds.
  • Burt Reynolds, mascot.
  • … and a rotating cast of special guests.

(You can learn more about all of us here.)

We do all kinds of things around, from blogging to coding to bug-zapping to Freshly Pressing to user supporting to VIP schmoozing, but we all have one thing in common: we’re all dedicated to helping you be the best bloggers you can be.