About The Daily Post

Here at, we love blogs. We love bloggers. And more than anything, we love bloggers who blog. You’re the bee’s knees. The cat’s pajamas. The apples of our virtual eyes.

(Okay, we’ll stop now.)

We’re bloggers too, so we know that signing up for a blog, picking a theme, and getting your site set up just the way you want it is the easy part (no, really!). Figuring out what you want your blog to be, coming up with regular posts, and finding your niche in the ever-expanding blogosphere – that’s the toughie.

That’s why we started The Daily Post. Whether your blog is a platform for your career, a place for you to muse about your day, or any of the infinite number of other things a site can be, we’re here to support you and give you the tools you need to meet your blogging goals. Here at The Daily Post, you’ll find:

  • inspiring questions to kick start posts on days when you need a push
  • insightful interviews with rock-star bloggers to give you the inside scoop on building a great site
  • creative writing and photo challenges to help you stretch your blogging muscles
  • easy-to-use tips to help you make the most of
  • analyses of posts we love and why we love ‘em, to spark ideas you can implement on your own blog

We’re creating this space for people who want to be more active writers, bloggers, and creators. This isn’t about “the experts” giving you the foolproof keys to blogging success; there are no foolproof keys, and we’re all in this community together. This is about giving bloggers a place to learn – from us and from each other – and experiment.

So welcome to The Daily Post! Take a minute to read our Comment Guidelines, and dive in.

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