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  1. A post to help parents build social and emotional intelligence in their children.
    “By teaching skills ,like empathy, problem-solving, and perspective taking, we can help nurture civility in our children.”
    Hi all. I’m a new blogger and I have just started a parenting blog. So any parents, guardians, educators or anyone else involved with working or caring for children in any capacity may be interested in taking a look.
    Many thanks

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    1. Following,. Good read. So glad to see this kind of content out there, this world needs more of this. Gave me a little more perspective and ideas to incorporate with my girls as well. Thank you

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  2. Ahoy fellow Bloggies!

    Introducing PhotoStory; an intimate, soulful take on places through my lens.
Please make yourself comfy and take in the wonderful views of this week’s PhotoStory on the magnificence of Africa! Then share/comment and let me know if you enjoyed the results of the many hours I put in to get this piece up!

    Much Love, 


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      1. Dearest Pallavi! My apologies! Maybe try the short-link “” and hopefully it will work? I don’t understand where the glitch is as it seems to be working for others! 🙂


      1. Well that’s is certainly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my blog. The magic is in your words! See you around my site hopefully in future? 🙂


    1. I am getting page not found error😦 wanted to see the pictures… I can see that everyone’s loving them. Can you please try to check if this link is still active ?

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  3. Welcome aboard swimmers, waders, and pirates alike! How was everyone’s weekend?

    I have a daily creative writing blog. I am an American with a fascination of the English language vernacular. So, I post about British words and phrases, define them, and use them in a creative example. I favor poems and flash fiction pieces. Feel free to swim round.

    Mondays are at least good for pool days! Can’t wait to see some of yours. Cheers, Kelsey 💜💫

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  4. Hi everyone! I hope y’all are having a great day. If you have time, please visit my blog and check out my new post. It’s another book review, ”The Hazel Wood” a debut book by Melissa Albert. And I’d really appreciate it if you can leave a positive comment, a like or if you can…please follow me. Thanks again to those who left a comment, like my post and followed me last week. I really appreciate the support. Here’s
    the direct link for my recent post:

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      1. Thanks, Grace. Sometimes when I’m so busy I listen to audiobooks on my to work or on my way back home. That’s the only way I could catch up with my reading when I don’t have time.


  5. Greetings Community!

    Here is what I really want to know: do doctors have a underestimated lack of knowledge or do they fail to employ it?

    One of the most catastrophic malignancies of our society is the discrimination practiced within the medical realm. Minority members have decreased access to medical care, limited options for payment for chosen care…

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      1. Certain voices are incredibly relaxing. Sometimes I listen to gentle podcasts to get some shut-eye. Listening to conversations I think makes me feel safe, because I was the youngest of a big family, and would go to bed listening to the conversations of my parents and older siblings outside my bedroom door.

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  6. Hi Everyone!
    Pendorah’s box here with another self-concept article. On the quest to understand and engineer a fulfilling self-concept, I bring you a continuation of the “you owe yourself an apology series”:
    #2 Apologize when you take yourself out of character!
    Please check it out for some more amusing honesty, fascinating self-awareness, and some lovely storytelling. I appreciate the feedback and will do the same!
    Thank you!

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    1. My interpretation of this post emphasizes the need for integrity. I feel so often that false confidence and arrogance results when people are navigating without integrity. Interesting perspective and vernacular.

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    1. Okay, we seem to be the same person. 😁. I have spent 4 years avoiding the niche box because of what my writing intentions truly are…and two weeks ago, a group of lovely fellow blogging women helped guide me as to what my “niche ” (cringe) is. And I Iike it…Empowerment/Encouragement. I thrive on providing my point of view but only as a basis to start a conversation, but as you noted, there is no one size fits all advice, which is why Encouraging and Empowering others as you do to research and meditate on what’s best for them is exactly your path. Welcome. It’s great to finally meet someone that has like concerns and intentions.

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      1. Ah, looks like I’m not going to be able to leave a comment on mobile, so I’ll put what I was going to say here.

        I think this post is really well-written and nicely structured, but there’s portions where you could flesh things out more. I wouldn’t have minded reading more about fixing the issue of “underground spending.” You talk about tracking spending and how it can be helpful to know where your money is going, but never fully explained how one might fix the issue.

        Aside from that, though, it’s an excellent post!

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    1. Hello!! Thank you for such a reassuring and happy post!! Keep writing!! Happy blogging!! Please check out my blog too. I am going to write about my journeys and relationship sagas 🙂

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    2. Hi Alex! What a sweet post. I tried to follow you but couldn’t find the widget to follow you easily. Happy to press that tiny blue button if you decide to put it up!

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      1. Thank you so much! Surprisingly I’ve never actually realised how difficult my follower button is to find – I’ve moved it to the top of my sidebar now though so if you still wish to follow I’d really appreciate it!

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  7. Hello 🙂

    This blog is called ‘This Door is Alarmed’. Thank you to those who take the time to visit the site—it means an awful lot! All your comments and feedback is greatly appreciated.

    It’s chronological, so although I have posted the first part of the most recent two-part post, it will make most sense starting from the beginning.:)

    (Part two is also available if you’re interested to continue.)

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      1. Thanks, that means a lot. You are very kind. I am glad it was helpful for you. Very much appreciate you taking the time to read! 😁


      1. You have a great way with words.

        If you haven’t already and wished to, I would be grateful if you took a moment to check out my site. Just click the lily image next to my name.


      1. Maybe. 😉 It’s an open ending. I might change the ending, because I am still thinking about it even after I got done writing it. 🙂

        Thank you for the follow. Check out my other stories too and tell me what you think. I’d really appreciate it. 😀


      1. You’ll be able to adopt this cat at Lola’s fish and chips where Astrid does all the fishing for customers in exchange for head scratches and tummy rubs and cleaning out her litter. She’s a queen, you see and must be able to see how well you serve her before agreeing to go with you to your home. Also, she specializes in silencing talkative people and getting rid of unwanted animals and critters. That’s what makes her a great cat.

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  8. Hi, you wonderful bloggers!
    Hope you’re all doing well, it’s always good to be back to read your lovely posts! ^_^
    I generally prefer poetry, and that’s what you’ll mostly find in my blog, and also, occasional writeups!
    My latest post is a poem, called “They Say” and you can find it here-

    Feel free to leave your feedback, it’s always good to know about everyone’s opinion:))
    Also, if you like my post, then you can also go through the rest of my blog, I really appreciate feedback.
    Now let’s go through all of these wonderful blogs!
    Let’s talk, shall we?

    Happy Blogging, all of you!
    – Shruti Ohri :’))

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  9. Hi Bloggers!
    Hope this finds you well. My name is Shirly and i’m an inspirational blogger writing about my self love journey in hopes to inspire you to love yourself. I’m also an actress and I’ve recently wrote a post about my acting career. Here is the link:

    I hope we can get in contact and become blogging friends.

    You’re a wonderful soul and I hope you love yourself today


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    1. Hi, love the bag. If you made that, then you are infinitely more talented than I am with a sewing machine (saying that, I get confused where the thread should go, and my sewing machine is my gran’s old Singer from an age ago that likes to arthritically choke on the cotton!)

      Just a thought, if you wish to inspire creative types such as yourself, it might be worth giving a little more away about how you made the bag, so that others can follow your projects afterwards. You may find you get more followers this way. You could also post your blog into sewing groups on FB etc, to gain a wider readership.

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      1. Thanks for advice! I try to write tutorials, but it’s very time-consuming, especially when writing in two languages. But I’m not giving up, I will have more free time soon to dive into writing 🙂

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      2. That is wonderful news. Yes, keep at it!

        If you haven’t already and fancy, I would be very grateful if you would check out my site. Leave a like or comment if you wish, and if the moment takes you and you click ‘follow’, well that would just make my day!

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      1. It’s great that she has fashion lessons! hope you’ll find something useful 😉 And I’m going to work on the content so it’s more informative:)