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    1. Hi Keith! There are some very interesting hints in your podcast….I’ve never considered fear as a feeling that motivates. I usually think at it as a feeling that stops you. And I never considered that diets can fail you, not the other way around…. You gave some stimulating homework to do here!

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      1. Thank you. Here in Great Britain I doubt there’s anyone who’s never heard of MM – I envy you!! It’s been a major news item for ten years, shoved down our throats at every opportunity by the media.
        I believe the search to find her has had more money thrown at it than any criminal investigation ever, despite overwhelming evidence that she died in 2003.
        If you have time I highly recommend checking out the two links I give below the article. They explain everything in detail. Thanks again for checking out my post and for your feedback!

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  1. Good evening guys, hope you all are having a blast. With coffee in hand, and Stillhouse Lake sprawled in lap, my Monday by far is going great. Btw, this book is amazingly suspenseful and mysterious.

    As part of my resolution for new year I planned to read new storybooks every two weeks, and I picked this one today, still couldn’t put it down. What are you guys reading this week, let me know.
    Here’s my baby blog-
    Thanks for the 400 follows guys, never would have made it without your support, I mean it.

    Liked by 36 people

  2. Hello fellow bloggers, I hope you’re all well! I’ve discovered loads of great blogs through this pool, and I’ve had lots of encouraging engagement with my blog ( – I just wanted to mention here that I’ve got a facebook page which runs alongside my blog – I use it to post lots of images that I find inspiring. I just thought I’d share the link here in case any facebook users would like to check out / follow that page:

    I’ll be back tomorrow to check out some new blog posts! Thanks!

    Liked by 27 people

  3. Hi 😊
    I hope you’re all having a great Monday. I look forward to reading your posts and I hope you will check out mine as well. I have been experimenting with some shorter posts on my blog and this one is a strange, little poem “There once was a house”:
    Let me know what you think, and if you think it is a good idea for me to have some shorter posts as well. 😊 Cheers

    Liked by 27 people

    1. Love the easy, chill layout of your blog as well as the content! The book really does sound helpful, so thanks for sharing; and also, I really, really love that ‘sleep-write’ tagline you’ve got going on there! Keep it going; all the love 😊

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Whoa damn, this looks so, so great. Your photographs are incredible; and left me wishing I could spy on the interiors too! Keep it going, you deserved that follow, all the love 😊

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  4. Hello swimmers : )

    My name is Melanie! I have a blog called ‘The Story Addict’ where I write short stories, sketch some of my favorite characters, and ramble about different things. I’m always looking to connect and for some feedback. I have found many great helpful and inspirational bloggers through this pool, and hope to find even more! So please, stop by and drop your link!

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    1. The “Would you go back” post is great I never thought about the pros and cons of having nowadays knowledge in the past. Great blog💋

      Liked by 5 people

  5. Happy Monday everyone! How’s the pool? 😁

    I run a daily creative writing and language blog. Basically I give a word or phrase a la British English (or Irish or Scottish or Australian!), define it, and use it in my own example. Maybe I’m just a glorified dictionary!! While I am American, I feel like reading and investigating has helped my “hobby.” What do you think?

    Now I’m about to swan dive right in to the thick of things and check out other wonderful blogs! Cheers, Kelsey 💜

    Liked by 29 people

  6. Cocktails for me this week. I love making, writing about and drinking them. My latest obsession is the FIZZ, add cream and you have an alcoholic milkshake! Have a look if its your thing. Does anyone else love cocktails or am I a 50’s housewife throwback? Lol. Enjoy your week, look forward to seeing what my pool neighbours have been up to.

    Liked by 16 people

    1. Damn; your blog is really interesting, like everything about it, I just have so many unanswered questions. I seriously loved your About page and how you managed to categorize the posts; and your layout is just stunning too. Keep it going; Ima catch up with your life; all the love 😊

      Liked by 3 people

  7. Hi fellow bloggers!
    I recently wrote a blog post titled ‘Who is feeding your flame?’
    It was inspired by a video by Will Smith which went viral, in which he basically spoke about the importance of not giving time to those who are deemed to not add any value to your life. My blog post is a critical analysis of his video, and I would absolutely love to know what people think on the topic!
    Please leave your comments (no spam please). I do love a good healthy debate. I’ll be sure to also read & check our your blogs ✨🌹

    Liked by 26 people

    1. Your post really made me realize that I shouldn’t give people that I don’t like my energy and hatred but accept them as a part of my life. I really loved it, check out some of my blog posts if u have the time I think we have a lot in common

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  8. Good morning everyone!

    I am trying to add a discussion/membership section to my site and would love to hear from anyone who’s done something similar. I am debating between using the buddypress and ultimate member plugins. I heard that buddypress only works with certain themes? I appreciate any advice you can offer!



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  9. Hello my lovely blogging friends!

    Last night I wrote a little anecdote about dreams, goals and how I get around considering myself a failure when it doesn’t work out. Do you have any tips for achieving goals and getting past failures?

    I always appreciate constructive criticism about my writing and I’d also like to hear what you think about the site’s look/feel in general. What can I change or do better to make it pop?

    I’ll certainly make the rounds and do the same for as many of your posts as I can.

    Thank you!

    Liked by 23 people

    1. Hi, James! I think you have presented a great post. I’ve never heard of a dream box before. I think it’s a clever idea! Except at first, I thought you meant it as a place to put all your dreams…because I have to confess I have some weird dreams throughout the night. Lol. I have plans to check out this magnificent dream box and see if I would appreciate one myself. Also, I think your blog is simple and easily accessible; makes it much easier on your readers to navigate. Good luck finishing med school! Kelsey 😊

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Its sad to hear that other people suffer as much as I do. But its also comforting knowing that Im not alone. Thank you for so eloquently explaining your experience. It was really encouraging.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. I also had trouble recently with publishing some of my work because it was very personal but you did a great job. It was incredibly easy to follow “the story line” and get the main point, and at least for me that is essential in a good blog

      Liked by 5 people

    3. I am appreciate that you explain the symptoms of a panic attack for somebody who may not have personally experienced the overwhelming fear it can conjure. FYI, I’m not that somebody. Ha, I can definitely relate to what you talk about.

      Liked by 4 people

    4. This is a really good post. I never realized the depth of it. I experienced a panic attack once before and it made me feel soo powerless and out of control. Your story helps people understand the extent of it. You shine a light at the issue but all the while keeping it somehow interesting. Funny even. Thanks:)

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  10. Hello Friends,

    Yes, I know it has been a long time since I have shared something over here. I love sharing and reading takes which are shared on this pool. Today I decided to complete one take from the drafts. I enjoyed finishing it and I hope you will enjoy it as well while reading. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    So here it is

    Take 22-

    I hope you will like it 😇


    Liked by 17 people

    1. Hey Briana, love that you use a grid layout. I wish my template had an option like that! I tried to “like” this post, but when I click the button nothing happens. Perhaps someone else can try so that you can determine if the problem is on my end or yours!

      Liked by 3 people

    2. nice looking site. I had no issues when hitting the like button, unlike laura here. i have given you a follow, look forward to reading your posts. Ian

      Liked by 5 people

    3. You know, sometimes I see blogs like yours and am reminded of why exactly I’m on WordPress in the first place. It’s a beautiful layout with even better content; and that’s how I know a blog’s something else entirely: When the content attracts me more than a pretty well-done theme. I know I might sound a bit much; but I don’t know, I had to express this; all the love 😊

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I love when people talk to themselves; because I do, too!
        Just kidding, I really like the feel of your blog, your pup is a beaut and your concept in itself is intriguing. Any further compliments, I think, would just be more adjectives of the same. (Did I mention your pup is a beaut?)
        Good luck with the home; all the love 😊

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    1. Damn, this sounds like a life for the movies! I feel that if you do end up writing about the numerous fights in a jail library, it just might be one of your must successful posts. Can’t wait for more, keep it going, loved it.

      Liked by 4 people