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    1. Like everyone else said – yes. Break them up, so it’s easier to read. You also make the reader crave more and come back looking for updated posts. Be sure to specify in the title (parts), though and include links to previous/ next parts for easier navigation.

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    1. I enjoyed your thoughts. I’ve been in organizations that encouraged people to find a direct mentor. The prospective mentor could, of course, decline to accept the responsibility. I’ve also seen organizations who encourage each leader to look for an apprentice to develop. For tips on how to do that, see the Tools page on my site:

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      1. There is something about how you blog, its like giving people direction; Short, directive and precise. Especially the one you wrote about giving…from the book of Corinthians.

        You should keep it up genius!👊

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      1. Hmmm, Riya…your blog is so mature. Reading your post seem like reading a novel; as a matter of fact, I think you can make a novel out of it. And how you put words together makes writing seem easier than usual. Was so please I had to click the follow button. Hope to read more from you as time pass.👌

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    2. Mentorship is so important. At all times in our lives. Be it parents, teachers, co-workers.

      (Side note: “another episode off the” take off the second “f” in “off” should be “of”. Typo.)

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    1. Very nice! I’ve never been to Antwerp or been in Europe for that matter, but its definitely on my bucket list to visit. I’ve always marveled at the architecture though, and a lot of your photos show that off beautifully. Glad you had a good time. Only suggestion is maybe if its possible, if you take photos at specific locations that you know of, maybe just caption the photos. Other than that, it’s all good.

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  1. Hello dear friends and family bloggers.I wrote a new blog today i would be like to hear more from you .If you become my follower in return i will become yours and you would get many likes you want from me.I’m honest with this.

    I wish to all new bloggers happy beginning on a WordPress.To become the best bloggers and to have a million of followers on the best platform ever made.

    Greetings from Nenad Bozic, but you can call me Nash Christmas 😉 .Greetings from Serbia 🙂 .

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  2. Hey everyone! I’ve had my blog for just about six months now. On my page I do reviews of movies, TV shows, anime, and a lot more. Some of my most recent posts include Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, and Blade Runner 2049. I’ve done all of Game of Thrones as well. I know I’ve listed quite a lot, hopefully one will spark your interest. I’d be extremely grateful if some people would check out my blog and share their thoughts. The last time I posted on here I got great feedback so I’m very excited. Thanks a bunch everyone and I hope you all like it! Here’s a link to my most recent upload about Hayao Miyazaki’s critically acclaimed Howl’s Moving Castle, but of course feel free to check out whatever you’d like! Thanks again!

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  3. Hi, this is my new blog entry about a spa hotel break with a little history and culture. 😀

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  4. Hi everyone! I have a pop culture blog and I was looking for feedback on a post I recently did about Star Wars.

    Essentially, the kind of feedback I want is to make sure that my argument makes sense. Does it read well? Is it logical? I’d greatly appreciate any help, and would gladly give feedback on your blog in return. Thanks! Happy blogging! 🙂

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  5. Hello bloggers! I just posted a new blog post on my very small corner of the web and I would love some feedback on my writing style.

    Here’s the link to my post:

    I’m just going to ask a few questions regarding my writing style, your answer can be sort of general, I’m not seeking super in-depth evaluations, although those would be super appreciated! Short answers are fine too 🙂

    Is my writing “bloggy” enough? Is my style entertaining to read? Does it keep you engaged or is it more likely to bore readers? Is my writing concise or do I tend to repeat the same thing over?

    Thank you so much in advance whoever you are, I appreciate the help more than you know. 🙂


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    1. Hello Zachary, I’ve read a few of your posts, and they are good. You get your points across, and I believe that’s what truly matters. With regards to finesse in writing, as in all things, you will improve with practice. I would recommend you keep reading and writing. The more experience you obtain, the better your chances of developing your uniquely entertaining style whilst being concise. I’m still learning, and I believe you can do it.
      Stay blessed.

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      1. Thanks so much for the feedback Makafui! These tips are helpful and encouraging for me to keep moving and to keep learning. I appreciate your help very much.


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    1. Good start. I don’t use 1/10th the hair products you do, but I kept reading because your writing is strong. I think you just need a little bit better upfront organization. There is no blog title on the home page. I have no idea what kind of blog I’m going to be reading. There is no About page. These are the kinds of things I look for immediately to try and figure out if a new blog is worth my time and if I want to follow it.

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    2. All you have to do to add a title to your home page is go to settings, on the top of settings there should be a slot that says Blog Title. Once you type in the title, click save and then the title should appear on your blog 🙂 We’ve been blogging for a year and a half, so if you have any other questions just ask!

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    3. I’d also suggest adding a Menu to your site (Home, About, Contact buttons), which will make it easier for people to navigate.
      The screenshots of the Sprinkles app are inspiring. Thank you!
      Everything is big, making things easier to read.
      Great start!

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    1. Great post. I personally am not huge into working out, but I totally get it. It’s therapeutic. Your writing style is enjoyable and I like how your posts are sort of short and still descriptive. Best of luck to you!

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  6. Hello everyone I recently decided to become a fashion editor and thought blogging would be a great form to start writing every day and receiving feedback from other bloggers. My blog will be daily and will consist of new discoveries on my path to becoming a fashion editor and a look into my days here in college. If you guys could follow my blog and provide feedback and helpful tips about fashion editorial, blogging, etc. That would be amazing!!

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  7. Hello everyone I recently decided to become a fashion editor and thought blogging would be a great form to start writing every day and receiving feedback from other bloggers. my blog will consist of my days here at WSU and new discoveries on my path to becoming a fashion editor. If you guys could follow my blog and provide feedback and helpful tips about fashion editorial, blogging, etc. That would be amazing!!

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    1. I am proud to say that I’ve become more patient with age. Not fully there yet, but working on it.
      However, when it comes to praising your kid, I believe in constructive criticism. Saying “Great game!” just after it ends is a great start, but think about having a more open conversation later at home. Not being critical, but just being supportive. Your kid wants to be the best. They need your help to become that.


    2. It’s a tough one, I suppose you have to weigh up your child’s sensitivity. For instance, my son hates to be corrected if his grammar is wrong in a text and thinks I’m ‘having a go at him’. My daughter wants to be told so she’s right next time.
      Sometimes there’s a fine line between constructive criticism and criticism.
      BTW – I’m always more open with closest family rather than others and that may reflect too in the sense of your patience being stronger in work mode than at home. 🙂

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