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    1. Welcome Sarah to the wonderful world of blogging! I am quite humbled and honored after reading your blog post, because it takes so much courage to share personal stories! Kudos to you, my friend! 😃

      I also think you’ve got a great layout for your blog, too!! It’s easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye. I wish you all the best on your diet and your blog. Cheers! 💫

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      1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! I’m still getting used to blogging but I really love it. I feel like its keeping me more accountable and I can let off steam. Thank you for your kind words ❤

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      2. This is a great idea for accountability. the journey will be long, but great, I love that you are sharing it. You don’t realize it, but you will be s source of knowledge and inspiration as you share this journey.

        Good Luck! your site looks great and i cant wait to see your progress–on the blog, and on your journey.

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      3. Plz encourage me too for overcoming the lack of excitement since I have started using this website. I need your response for developing my writing skills further. It’s been only a week since I have joined. But my enthusiasm needs your encouragement and support guys. Pls help me too. Pls follow, like and comment on my website:


    2. Hello Sarah, your first post is amazing!
      I love your style of writing, your blog name, your theme etc. I would only suggest you to remove the links from the ‘follow me’ section and put some plug ins instead. It would be easier for your readers to access your accounts that way 🙂

      Liked by 5 people

      1. It took me a while to figure it out, but I did what you suggested! Thank you, it looks much cleaner and is a lot easier than copying and pasting! Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your insights. ❤

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    3. Sarah this is amazing. Wish all the best of luck. I was nearly 250lbs five years ago and then i decided to give that self away i did not cut out foods or go on a diet i just controlled my portions used less oil and stuff in my foods and worked out i cam down to 150lbs. My weight gain is through stress so over the past year i have gained up and am hovering around 170lbs. I want to loose that. I know this is nothing compared to your weight loss but still the hinderances are the same. Long story short you can do it. And you will do it. 🙂 hopefully i will too

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    4. Hi Sarah…checked your blog…it is really cool I loved it and most probably I’m gonna use some of your healthy recipes…btw please do check my blog too…it is quite different than yours…if you like it please follow and also give me feedbacks so that I can improve 😊

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      1. Your imagery in your poem is so lively and realistic; very well done!! I look forward to having more time and checking out more of your writing. ☺️

        Have you enabled your like button? I would have enjoyed liking this piece. Also, down at the bottom of your page you still have some filler text where the text widget is!

        All the best and happy blogging! 💫

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    1. Lost girl, My only reassurances that you are okay is that you are writing (which helps with healing) and that one of your posts mentions your writing is about finding yourself again–that sentence was relieving. Your posts put a person exactly in the emotions you were feeling at the time, it may be powerful to me because if seen it, felt it myself. I hope you have support now, I hope you are healing, and I look forward to reading more about how you found yourself.

      You default text on your about page. Make sure you edit that about page (your first post has good info for that). Many of readers will go there first, so you want to set that up.

      Good luck. I wish you lots of healing and empowerment as you share your story.

      Liked by 11 people

    2. I agree with Sylvia, I understand the challenges that come with being so open and vulnerable about your feelings, and I am also an anonymous writer…but it is absolutely liberating to share I look forward to sharing more of my story and being as open as possible because it does help mentally.
      Remember to change the default statements on your page

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    3. Loved your blog…it is like your diary where you just pen down whatever is in your heart…and this makes the blog relatable…Please check my blog too and follow if you like my posts…would love to hear feedbacks…😊


      1. You got that right!
        I also do advice blogs on things I know people might be struggling and I’ve been able to overcome those struggles. So I just share my secrets

        Loved your blog too! Its awesome! Keep writing.
        Lots of love.


  1. To all of the all-new bloggers-WELCOME! You should be very grateful that you folks have finally found a place in which you can showcase your most wonderful writing and art talents; May I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck! With 💘-JW

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    1. this is a great first post. I enjoyed reading about your choice. I’ve unplugged from electricity and electronics a weekend here or there. . . never 10 days, never complete silence. Wow. . . i cant imagine. Thank you for sharing how helped you

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      1. Its not my past yet, its the ongoing reality.
        I want to share what I feel. Since I can’t do that in real life.
        I also feel there must be someone somewhere struggling just like me. It’s for them I write. So that we can relate and maybe work our way out of these problems.

        Sometimes I want to share my regrets and sadness. Just to move on.

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    1. Even anonymously, you’re being so brave to write about your feelings and experiences in this way, so well done! It must be hard sometimes to bring feelings up to the surface to write about them but it seems like it’s a really good way to reflect on things and also other people will know they are also not alone 🙂 well done lost girl I bet you will inspire others! 🙂

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Aww thank you so much!
        I feel so touched with such lovely messages.
        Yes I feel those emotions to a extreme limit that’s when I can write about them.
        Sometimes I feel as if being so open and honest would make people perceive me as weak.
        But that’s what I wanna do.
        I want for people to accept these deep,dark emotions and work on them.
        Rather than avoiding them cause at a point its important to feel them and if needed they can also take some time off just think,introspect,cry and then get up again.
        Falling is not the issue but falling and not getting up is.
        I just want people to know that they are not alone and that they can fight back to whatever it is that they are struggling with.

        Most importantly I want them to know that its OK to cry, its OK to not be OK, and its definitely OK if you want to take a break till your not giving up and are ready to stand up again at some point.

        That’s all what my blog is about.
        Sharing my deepest and darkest emotions so that they can accept theirs’.

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    1. Hi prostenaty…your blog seems really fun…it feels like I’m traveling wit you…I loved it and have followed it…do check my blog too…and if you like it please follow…😊


    1. Good Pictures so far. I liked Layers of Light the most. Your about page is simple but very informative–maybe i just think so because im a beginner with the camera and i like knowing what you are using for your photos.
      Have fun, and good luck.

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      1. Really glad to hear from you, Sylvia. This really ecourage me to develop my ideas and concepts for this blog. I have flickr and Instagram, but a photo blog, I think, is a nice way to develop a deeper relationship with my audience. Thank you for the very kind words. 🙂

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  2. Hi, I’m a first time blogger from Germany. Maybe some germans accidentally find their way to this site. My Blog is just a few days old and is mainly for mums and dads as I’m a Mum myself and writing about it. So if you are German or speak the language come visit me on

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  3. Hey all you new bloggers. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. This is a great ground for you to put up your stall and display your wares. When I started out a year back, I was a nervous blogger and I hardly looked around. I would just write my blog and post it on my site. I didn’t understand what the Reader was all about and thus wasn’t aware of community pools and First Fridays, so I guess I lost out on all the opportunities it throws up. Good luck and have fun blogging…. 🙂

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    1. Hi, you may want to tidy up the Home page and delete the Sample Page if you’re not going to us it. Also the photos in one of your blog are all side ways so doesn’t look very professionally, you should rotate them first.

      Other than that, I think the rest of the blog looks great

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Thank you ! It’s a work in progress, I’m working hard to learn all the little things to make it enjoyable. I truly appreciate your feedback!


    1. Welcome!

      A suggestion — you might remove the background image you’re using, or choose a simpler theme. Right now, your blog is quite busy-looking, which makes it hard to read.

      If you’d like to change the background, go to My Site > Customize > Colors & Backgrounds.

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    1. Great clean blog and first post, and I hope you do plan to write much earlier than December. Personally I like to add some photos in my post to break up the big chunk of text, though it’s great that you’ve spaced it out quite well.

      BTW, you can set up separate Facebook page if you want to connect with other like minded people and connect that with your WP page so the blogs here shoots over automatically.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the kind words, I think photos will be include going forward & I’ll look at a Facebook page, I’ve linked to twitter and Instagram.
        The overwhelming positive response has surprised me, but thinking about a new blog next week.


      2. Hiya, that’s why this forum is so great! Hopefully we can all learn together!

        At first glance, the black background on your header, the blog title and the evolution image all gives a consistent ‘universe’s feel, which is nice. However I don’t know if your blogs are all along the same theme or if this is a one off as your About page is blank. I would encourage you to populate this as this is where people normally go first to find out more about you.

        You have three buttons on your header. The ‘link’ button doesn’t take you anywhere, and the other two WP buttons takes you to the unpopulated pages, so you should sort them out.

        Finally, personally I like to add the ‘read more’ function in my post especially with the theme you have. When you have more posts, people can get a taster/preview of each post instead of having to scroll through the entire post to get to the next one.

        Hope this helps. Good luck.

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      3. Hi, Gift Kithi!

        We’re glad you’re so excited about your new blog (yay!), and that you shared your link here. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t leave multiple comments linking to your blog — it’s considered a little spammy and we’ll remove duplicates. The best way to get people to visit you is to visit them and/or leave them some meaningful feedback!