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    1. I really like the blog of yours. The theme is so vibrant and the layout so organized as well the casual tone in your writing really makes us comfortable reading your posts. Though a question will be that how do you manage to be the first one to comment here in the community pool?

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    2. I love your posts! your perfectionism rings a bell—–ME! Hhahaha. I totally understand the need to be doing something /or doing something different or to just be occupied all the time in the hope of perfecting life!
      The theme also looks great!
      Keep blogging ! 😀

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    1. I absolutely love your flash fiction especially the 300-600 words category. I have sent you an email regarding the “300 word story group”. Would be around craving for more of your works. Keep writing as always. Cheers! 🙂

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      1. Hi Diganta, thanks, I really appreciate that, and I’ve replied to your e-mail. I sent all the story collections to date so have a look through a few of those. There are some great stories in them!

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    1. The post was very informative and I am inclined towards following the same diet routine. However I noticed you are using a lot of tags considering WordPress actually filters out posts having 15 or number of categories and tags combined. Do reduce the number of tags you use and just keep the most relevant ones. And as always keep writing. Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Omg I love this thank you for the recipe!where I’m from this is called rasgula and gulab jamun is something like a fat kurma!

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    1. Beautiful pics you have taken. Looks superb. One thing I want to tell you is don’t use so many tags in one article, WordPress actually filter out such post. Use less and appropriate tags only.

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      1. Thanks for the advice and glad you liked the pics! According to this link – — WordPress filters posts over 15 tags. I had 12 🙂


    1. It’s really depressing to see innocent civilians being subjugated and subjected to such harsh treatment and terror. Its not only Coptic’s lives that matter, lives of everyone who’s innocent and deserves a better life matter. I really found this a very good read although having researched on it, knowing about it more from you proved more informative. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      1. It definitely is, I, one day, hope to live in a world where all lives were treated like they mattered and no one was prosecuted. I’m glad you liked it, thank you for reading!

        Basant She

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    2. Thank you for your post. Such a terrible thing to experience. Yet so many, like yourself, are standing firm in your faith. I am struck by the forgiveness and love many display even after such persecution.

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    1. I really treasure your reviews for the fact they don’t incorporate major spoilers and they have a casual tone which makes me more comfortable reading it. Keep writing as always. Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Hey all. I just wrote a Haiku for the daily prompt: detonate. It’s not strictly a Haiku if you go by its definition of using a 5-7-5 syllables but it’s a free verse 3 stanza poem and it is written from a perspective of a mother who are the victims of stillbirth. I wish to get some honest feedback and reviews (Criticism is strongly welcomed) for my post. Here’s the link to it:
    Here’s the link to my page:
    Thank you so much and do leave behind the links to your pages as I would love to go through them . Happy reading. Cheers! 🙂

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    1. I really like your blog, the floating balloons overlay just makes the theme more attractive, if you could just increase the font size that would be great as the current size often induced parallax errors while reading(But that’s only me). And the post was very relatable of course. Sometimes emotions do get the better of us. I loved reading it. Keep writing as always 🙂

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    1. Loved the post. Great pictures and noteworthy tips. You have been a constant motivator for each I would love to present a note of gratitude to you. Keep writing as always. Cheers! 🙂

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      1. The likes/views ratio for that one was very high. The struggle has been to get views, and people can’t be thrown off by math jargon when they don’t see the post.


      2. I feel that. Could help to tag your post as “humor.” That might open the door to more views? I think what happens a lot of times is people who see a post pop up in their feed will like it from there, which results in a like but no view–as far as I know. The people who stumble upon your website otherwise might not click it because of the title or picture or any number of reasons. I’ve been told to go back and look at successful posts and look for patterns in posting time/day, topic, theme, tone, etc. to find the “right ingredients” when cooking up new posts.
        But sometimes you just got to blame bad luck.


  2. Hii guys. This time I’m back with a short story. When I say short I mean it 😉 I’m attempting a short story after ages so I would like to know what you guys thinks. Here is the link

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  3. Hello,
    I’m Words from a Broke Artist and I love over-analyzing myself and the things around me. My parts consist of things art, psychology and life related. Here’s my latest post on how my self worth has changed over time:

    Please leave me feedback! I feel that this was awkwardly worded at times but can’t actually figure out where. Leave a like and I’ll check out your posts too!

    -The Broke Artist

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  4. *A little earlier than usual in the pool. In my haste to get this comment up I flubbed my syntax a little bit. Have there been discussion about being able to edit these comments?

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    1. Hey Ethan! I checked your blog. I read few of your posts, and trust me, they were amazing.

      You’re awesome at blogging. It’s YOUR job, man!

      Followed you! Do check my blog out, too! ^_^

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      1. I really am completely new! Any feedback on my content or posts would be greatly appreciated! Your blog looks really interesting, great concept! I have followed you back.

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      2. I’ve read your overall posts. I haven’t visited your blog yet.

        From what I can see, you can write well. You can write long paragraphs. I just love that thing.

        Good luck.

        My advice: keep not more than 5-6 lines in one paragraph.


      3. I had a look back over my posts and have split my long paragraphs up a bit, hopefully that makes it easier to read! I get a bit carried away and forget to put paragraph breaks in, so I really appreciate the feedback!


    1. So far, your 3 posts are quite interesting already. Inserting some featured photos would be something you can also experiment on along the way. Overall, your writing is great – relatable and excellent. I wish you all the best! Just followed, Lyn

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      1. Thank you for your feedback, I’ve given it a go and included a featured photo in my next post, I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to look at my blog! E x

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    1. I really enjoyed your post. It was almost a few messages rolled into one post – the current events, anger and anxiety and the possible cure of music. I’m going to check out your other posts now too!

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      1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a slightly longer and different style then I usually aim for- but inspiration strikes in funny ways at funny times! I hope you enjoy the others as well! I have quite a mish-mash of topics, poems and stories! 🙂

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      1. Hello! How are you doing?
        I’m so glad that you liked the design of my blog and find my quotes very inspirational…thank you so much✨.
        Honestly, there are simply no tips to get more people to visit your blog. I think just write….whatever comes from your heart💜 and don’t forget to add more and more tags.

        Love what you write. Write what you love.

        Keep writing, keep inspiring!😊✨

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  5. Hey everyone! My name is Chrissey and I write all about fashion, beauty, life, medicine and everything in-between on The Unabridged Sass! I recently started implementing video in some of my blog posts to keep things fresh and new! Here is my newest post, about my May Beauty favorites:

    I’d love to hear what you think and I’m always open to feedback! Also, I’m looking for some new blogs to discover and read so please share yours!!!


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